The Abyss

The Abyss

Traits:Normal Gravity
Normal Time
Divinely Morphic
Strongly Chaos Aligned
Strongly Evil Aligned
Normal Magic
Home to:TheDestroyer

The Destroyer manipulated mortals in order to create power emotions. This was the basis of The Abyss. Out of these, it applied it's power to build a dimension and give it substance to those feelings. Events followed that caused the place to become filled with it's power, and has itself become an extension of The Destroyer.

The Abyss has a certain pull on any given soul, though not necessarily is it enough to draw it in. Most of those who end up here are the some of the "worst" of mortals. Which The Destroyer would consider "The Best". Those who become under The Destroyer's influence have a much stronger pull.

The souls of mortals drawn into the place quickly find themselves undergoing torture. From the demons, The Abyss itself, and The Destroyer directly. The victim experiences intense, unimaginable horrors. Inevitably, the place gets to them, and they become Demons themselves. This usually does not take long, a manner of seconds. A few great souls managed to resist the assault and remain uncorrupted for nearly a hundred years. But everyone so far has been turned into a Demon.

The Demons themselves were not a creation of The Destroyer, but rather Elimanishon as a force of passion. The Destroyer offered them a home, and "food" from it's "body", that being the shockwaves it emits. The Destroyer knew what the result would be, and soon they became under it's influence.

Layer 1: The Red Fields
The red fields are a place of extreme violence. Demons are constantly slaughtering each other with no rhyme or reason. Blood covers the landscape from the incalculable number of murders that go on here every moment. In this constant fighting, no one stays dead however. Depending on how powerful an individuals spirit is, material is absorbed from the various corpses and the ground itself. The amount of time might take a thousand years, or only a few days.

Layer 2: Nahar
Sea Water covers an infinitely flat bed of rock.

Layer 3: Demons Paradise
Flat planes of red stone, shaped like the scales of a dragon, broken by massive gray mountain ranges. Grey dragons live in the mountains, and many demons still live in the vast lands of Demons Paradise, as well as demonic Toad Orcs. A huge castle, floating above a lake of blood, marks the center of this layer. The castle's name is Qezenai, and it is the home of Oni. Unlike most castles, the massive shape of the dungeon is above the main castle. The dungeon is held up by three massive clawed arms, the arms are built from the sides of the castle and contain the only way to walk to the dungeons, massive staircases that spiral upwards. Between the arms is a massive Brazier, around which the main castle of Qezenai is built, turrets and spires rise around the Brazier from the castle, a portcullis and draw bridge on the front of the castle reach down to the ground. Inside the castle is lavish and lush, though the outside areas near the staircases, where the demons of the castle lived, are much more barren. The main throne room contains a large throne of platinum, with a figure of a platinum dragon winding around it. The castle contains three banners, on the front and in the throne room, one with the Red grinning mouth that is Oni's symbol in the middle, a large platinum dragon standing sideways to the left, and red concentric circles, a symbol of The Destroyer, on the right. The dungeon is designed to torture the souls of that plane, and it's insane and impossible dimensions allow for countless torments of mind, body, and soul.

Layer ???: The worst place
Not much is known of this place yet. This layer seems to hold some special purpose to The Destroyer. What information has been obtained is chilling. There is every indication that this is the worst layer in The Abyss. At the moment nothing is there.
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