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As the Flameborn and Half Elves began to move south through the mountains and into the forests surrounding the Sacred Glade, there was little to halt their destructive progress. Rather than battle these creatures herself, Calypso granted sentience to the mountain goats inhabiting the region. These goats became great warriors dedicated to protecting their mountainous home from the invaders.

Personality: Gruff and serious, Aegar don't speak much, preferring action over words. They are a prideful race, and hold self discipline and physical ability above all other traits. Respect is given only to those who prove themselves capable and beneficial to the tribe. They don't care much for physical appearance, seldom doing more to groom themselves than picking twigs and leaves out of their fur. Aegar greatly resent a lack of discipline, for without self discipline, dishonor is brought to the tribe.

Physical Description: Aegar have the lower body of a goat with the upper body of a muscular human and large spiral horns like that of a ram. Male Aegar are often noted for being extremely hairy. Many boast both full beards and much chest hair.
Not a true physical trait, but a noted visible marking of an Aegar are the runic markings on the palms of his hand. When a newborn child is born the tribe's leader will carve the symbol of the tribe in the child's hand. This not only identifies him as a member of that tribe but is seen as an honour for being initiated into the tribe.

Relations: Aegar get along well with the other races of the Glade, though they feel that the Spiritfolk are too flighty and undisciplined. They have a deep seated hatred of Flameborn and Half Elves, seeing them as the antithesis of all the Aegar stand for. They don't have much of an opinion about any other races one way or the other.

Alignment: Aegar tend towards Lawful but can be of any alignment. They are almost never Chaotic.

Aegar Lands: The Aegar inhabit the forest outside the Sacred Glade but often tribes go on week long expedition where they venture off to see if they can challenge exotic animals to combat.

Religion: Most Aegar worship Calypso, out of respect for their creation. Many also worship Kaern for his discipline, and Xam for his blessings in the hunt.

Language: Aegar speak Sylvan, the langage common to the Sacred Glade. They also often learn Ignan and Tari, the languages of their sworn enemies.


Adventurers: Aegar do not often become adventurers, seeing such as being undisciplined and detrimental; however, some young Aegar desire to test themselves against the strongest possible foe, and only adventuring gives them this opportunity.

Aegar Racial Traits
Aegar possess the following traits

Racial Feats

Feats#ImprovedPackFervor Improved Pack Fervor
Feats#Plough Plough

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