Ahnentafal Al’v (High Bred Elf)

Ahnentafal Al’v Wizard
The Ahnentafal Al’v are a subrace of the Playground elves, fair skinned where their brothers and sisters are dark, interested in the arcane and mystic arts where their sisters dwell on the powers of nature and night. Ahnentafal Al’v can be found

Personality: The Ahnentafal Al’v are aloof and impassive to most worldly concerns. Their natural psionic and arcane energies have afforded them a far more self centric world view, which many view as rude, cold, and uncaring. They, like their ancestors, believe themselves the only true inheritors of the world.

Relations: The Ahnentafal Al’v still recall their elders stories of the other races found in the Sacred Glade. Years of arcane study, and power set up in the eastern forests of Xiua have left them little impressed with the other races. They have tenuous trade relations with the Zarier. They despise the Kreen on the far side of the continent and do well to stay as far away from Kreen lands as possible, with very good reason.

Alignment: The callous and haughty nature of the Ahnentafal Al’v create a less than nurturing people, with the majority of the race either not caring for the battle of good and evil or law or chaos. Neutrality, more akin to apathy, is the most common alignment. In the conclaves of the mage academies, alignments tend to be more extreme, as the practitioners of magic will often consort with angels and devils in attempts to further their personal power.

Ahnentafal Al’v Lands: The Ahnentafal Al’v hold the Xiuan forests as their home state. Their cities are set up in a conclave manner, ruled over by a powerful group of mind linked individuals called Caliphs. The Grand Rajh, the single most powerful individual of their country, rules from Atep’Quarshal.

Religion: The Ahnentafal Al’v worship magic in an aesthetic sense, though some worship Teera, goddess of Magic as well. Dla is held in high regard, though magic takes a far higher precedent in their “religious” pursuits.

Language: The Ahnentafal Al’v speak a thick and slow accent of elven. Many of the richer or more arcane minded Ahnentafal Al’v speak through telepathy rather than crude vocalizations. They do have a passion for learning though, and often will learn a new language just for the sake of knowing it.

Male: Abir, Ahemd, Adiv, Diaab, Halil, Jaali, Mirza, Qadir, Razade
Female: Adiliah, Afsana, Amira, Civia, Emel, Hilal, Maia, Nahid, Nese

Ahnentafal Al’v Racial Traits
Ahnentafal Al’v possess the following traits:

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