Title(s):the Nightmare
Home Plane:The Dream Rift
Power Level:Lesser Deity (DR 6, Evo 0, Lvl+ 0)
Class:Psion 20/Thrallherd 8
Alignment:Chaotic Evil
Domains:Hatred, Evil
Begotten By:Eul
Played by Reptilius

Akraelak has very little physical substance, although he appears solid. He resembles a humanoid with no facial features except a pair of yellow eyes. He has no legs, he drifts off into pure black smoke from the waist down. Since he was formed from the unconscious minds of mortals, he possess only an instinctual, animal intelligence (however, a god's animal intellect is a mortal's genius). As a being formed of pure hate, he hates all existence, including himself.

Holy Symbol: A black, clawed fist surrounded by dark flames.
Favored Weapon: battleaxe
Worshipers: crazed cultists, humans
Avatar: N/A
Artifacts: N/A
Creations: N/A
Important Followers:
-Gendar: Akraelak’s first subject. Currently leads his human worshippers.
-Etrau: One of Gendar’s first disciples. Extremely devout.

Combat: Caster (Psi) 28
Akraelak formed slowly in the Dream Rift from the anger and hate in the subconscious of dreaming mortals. He was begat by Eul, who provided the power needed for the dreams of mortals to gather, although Eul seems to have abandoned Akraelak after creating him. His life until now existed entirely within the Dream Rift, feeding on mortals' dreams. He only recently noticed the world outside the rift, and the presence of other gods (and, in fact, the physical bodies of mortals).

Divine Relations:
Akraelak hates all other deities and their creations. He bears even greater hatred for Elimanshon, whose realm encompasses the Dream Rift where he dwells. He does not know that Eul begat him, and hates him as all other beings (whether he would hate him more or less if he knew the truth is unclear).

Fear and hate Akraelak, and obey his will.
- Anger and hatred are the supreme emotions.
- All beings hate one another, simply to different degrees.
- Embracing hate will lead to incredible power.
- No one deserves life.

Clergy and Temples:
Akraelak has only a cult of underprivileged humans in an underground city of elves, the location of which is currently unknown to Akraelak. Despite the growing popularity of his worship, Akraelak has yet to grant any clerics spells. The only true authority figure is Gendar, who demands he be called Excellency, due to his imperial fantasies. However, he has no basis of power for control of the cult.

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