Albatrix the Scalefather
Played By DaBull
[DR:9 Evo 2] Lesser Deity, Fighter 10/Sorcerer 8/Eldritch Knight 10/Loremaster 6
Symbol: A Serpent Biting its Tail
Home: The Void
Alignment: Neutral Good
Domains: Scalykind, Good
Portfolio: None
Favored Weapon: Bronze Staff
Avatar: Grimys
Created: -
Artifacts: -
Combat: Caster 19, Warrior 11, Hide of Iron {D}, Corrosive Bite{C}, Unyielding Strike {O}
Brief Description: Albatrix is the father of all Scalykind. Scalykind being the Mychai, Yuan-ti, and Scylgris, as well as the reptilian animals which inhabit the Playground. Albatrix is deeply intense, but is also like any other doting father. He showers his affection on those he favors limitlessly. He also has the gift of divination in its varied forms, and is a lover of stories. He takes the form of a humanoid lizard of ambiguous origin, and carries a bronze staff.
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