TitlesMistress of Mercy, The Ever Bleeding, Our Lady in Chains, Mother of Elysion
Home Plane:Elysion
Power Level:Intermediate Deity(DR 11,Evo 3)
Class:Cleric 30, Monk 8
Alignment:Lawful Good
Portfolio:Self Sacrifice, Benediction, Life-Blood, Oaths, Strategy
Domains:Life, Pact, Purification, Planning Healing, Good,
Begotten By:The Destroyer
The Lady Amalthea
The Lady Amalthea
Played by Shmee

Holy Symbol: Triangle with 12 Bloody Chains
Favourite Weapon: Unarmed
Avatar: Vincent
Artifacts: Amalthea's Sanctuary
Worshippers: Monks, Paladins, Clerics, Sacred Fists, Angels, Archons, People of the Theocracy, Metallic Dragons, Na'Tari, Humans
Creations: The Theocracy, Sacred Fists, Unicorns, Pegasi and Hippocampus, Fields of Elysion, Metallic Dragons
Important Followers: Davorin, the Priest-King, Bahamut

Birth: Amalthea was born as a mortal human, and as a child she was a slave to a warlord known as the Taker of Names. This man had struck a deal with the Destroyer to have supreme power for 50 years, after which his soul would belong to the Destroyer. When the time was up and the Destroyer came to collect his end of the bargain, the little slave girl felt pity for the Taker of Names, and offered to take his place. Upon reaching the Abyss, she makes another deal with the Destroyer to take the pain of many upon herself. As soon as she agreed, the Destroyer killed the little girl, and with his power raised her up as Amalthea, the goddess of healing.

Overview: For thousands of years, no one really knew what Amalthea looked like, save for Vincent, her avatar who was the only one who had seen her physically. Since when Amalthea was reborn as a goddess, the Destroyer had trapped her in an Iron Maiden, in which she had remained ever since by her own will. Amalthea absorbs the pain from all planes of existence, and uses it to become stronger. The Iron Maiden is a sinister contraption which multiplies the pain several fold, making Amalthea even stronger. From within her confinement, she would willingly sheds her blood, which gives strength and power to her followers. However at one point she gained so much power that the Iron Maiden could not contain her being any more, forced her to free herself from her confinements, leading for all to see her true form, that of a beyond colossal maiden. Her objective is to rid the world of pain and suffering by vanquishing evil. From her home of Heaven's Citadel in Elysion, Amalthea resides on the highest tower of the Citadel which is an open platform with her throne in the place were once stood her Iron Maiden. Around the throne are 12 obsidian obelisks which are connected into the goddess by 12 chains, it is from there that Amalthea receives all the pain and suffering from all planes of existence.

Mentality: Amalthea hates all form of evil, and has vowed to do everything she can to stop it. She is aware that in order to achieve this, she will also have to resort to violence, and it is a sacrifice she is willing to make. To that end, Amalthea at first tried to approach the other gods, but being met with scorn and ridicule, decided to spread her word to the ones who were more worthy, the mortals. In order to do that, she needed an Avatar. Since she was just a child and confined and out of touch with the mortal world, she knew she needed someone who would appeal to the mortals, because this person would think and act like them. That is the reason she appointed her former master, the Taker of Names to be her Voice. Renaming him Vincent, because it is through he that victory shall be achieved, she sends him to the world to do her bidding, and is the only person whom she completely trusts. Amalthea is more keen on focusing on mortals, which is why when especially her followers call on her, she normally always answers their call.

Vincent: Once the Taker of Names, Vincent is now Amalthea's Voice. Upon becoming Amalthea's avatar, his form changed, a human of over 2 meters tall, with blue eyes and a long blond pony-tail which reaches to his waist, he is dressed in a black cassock and wears a special holy symbol. All over his body is the Word of Amalthea which constantly rotates, page after page. Amalthea allowed Vincent to keep his free will, because she felt that it was the best way to approach the mortals, however, Vincent is bound to Amalthea, like she is bound to him. Through their link they can share thoughts, often talking to each other that way, and can even sense what each other is feeling. For that reason, both have a fondness for each other, even though due to their situations they rarely show it. Vincent loves nothing more than a good smoke of his pipe, as well as fighting. Because of Amalthea's blessings, Vincent has the ability to regenerate, thus making him a fierce opponent in battle, and which is the reason why Vincent is so reckless when fighting, and often reverting to the Taker of Names. Amalthea has a loose chain on Vincent, and often allows him to do her will using his own methods, however when he does get out of line, Amalthea is known to punish Vincent. Other than that Vincent is very arrogant, rude and very condescending. He shows no respect to most other gods, only doing so when Amalthea commands him to.

Relations with other gods: Over all Amalthea rarely goes after the other gods, preferring to focus on mortals. Here are her relationship with the other gods, alphabetically:

Cobreal: Amalthea considers her a friend after the concern Cobreal showed for Amalthea after she was imprisoned in the Iron Maiden, which was created by Cobreal after being tricked by the Destroyer. Vincent also enjoys Cobreal's company.

Elimanshion: Amalthea really dosn't know what to make out of this one. One moment she can scowl at his love for mindless slaughter, but on the other hand, he did help her cause by lending angels to add to her army. Vincent is impressed at Elimanshion's style for slaughter, and has found a fellow smoker with Atrocity.

Eul: One of Amalthea's greatest opponents, and pretty high on her hit list. She recently declared war against Eul and his undead forces, since she considers undeath to be one of the ultimate forms of torment. And seeing that no one has really decided to stand up against Eul, Amalthea has taken the initiative to do so, and is currently preparing herself and her forces to oppose him. Vincent can't wait to decimate Eul's undead armies.

Gliss: Amalthea's respect for Gliss has fallen dramatically after the Grin failed to honour their alliance to the Theocracy during the undead attack of Cornu Copiae. She finds that Gliss and his kind take too much liberty in what they do, and beleives that can lead him into dark roads. This especially goes for Gliss' daughter Caina. Vincent is rather annoyed that the Grin failed to do a simple favour of collecting information for him.

Gwyn Chan 'r Gwyll: Even though they havn't really interacted much together, the fact alone that he signed up for the good pantheon means that Amalthea has a measure of respect for him, again hoping that he will provide support when she will need it. Again, Vincent hasnt met Gwyn yet, but that can easily be fixed.

Fiona Ignite: At first, Amalthea met Fiona during the War Council to talk about how to deal with Varr. Seeing that Fiona's people had been slaughtered and that she had no allies, Amalthea sympathized with her and offered an alliance. As time passed by, Fiona would show concern for Amalthea, which touched her deeply, to the point that she now considers Fiona as one of her few friends.

Lossethir: Lossethir is regarded with a lot of respect in Amalthea's eyes, not only because he managed to score a victory against Varr, but mostly because he chose to help Vincent and the Theocratic army against the forces of Dalam and her devils, even though Amalthea never asked for assistance. Vincent rather respects Lossethir, which is a rare thing, perhaps its because annoying Lossethir would lessen his chances at Morgan.

The Destroyer: Amalthea's greatest nemesis, and the one who created her. She despises the Destroyer for everything it is. Though they share a lot of views, thier objectives and means are completely different, their main points of agreement are that mortals should be allowed to make their own choice, and in that sense they both do not demand to be worshipped. However, Amalthea has vowed to be the one who would kill the Destroyer. Vincent also hates the Destroyer, after his run in with it during his time as a mortal, and would love nothing more than to beat it up.

The Valkyries: Just like their father, the Valkyries are held with high esteem with Amalthea, because they risked life and limb to help the Theocratic army retreat during their fight against Dalam. Amalthea also vows to fight against tyranny, just like the Valkyries do. Vincent likes the Valkyrie's style, and has declared his love for Morgan, the most tempered of the Valkyries. He duelled against Morgan, and when he lost intentionaly declared his intention to marry her. He now has to wait 17 years to see what will happen.

Xam: Being the founder of the good pantheon means that Amalthea respects him, however she has voiced concern because she fears that Xam may be out of touch with the mortal world. She also disagrees with Xam's view that the gods should make subtle moves on the mortals. She would rather go in with fanfare announcing her arrival.

Xiua'Hi: At first they had an amicable agreement for the island which would house the Theocracy, Amalthea and Xiua'Hi have had a fall out, due to Xiua'Hi's announced of judgement on the world. Because of that Amalthea beleives that Xiua'Hi is unfit to judge anything and is out of touch with the material plane, thus she has announced her intention to oppose Xiu'hi, even though she does sympathize with his pain. Vincent thinks the guy is an old geezer.

Accomplishments: Once Amalthea created Vincent, she decided to try and stop pain and suffering by trying to reason with the other gods, in her case it was between what she saw as a silly little spat between Evadize and Dla, however upon having her advice rejected and scorned, Amalthea decided that the best way to accomplish her mission was for her to spread her words to the mortals. That is how the Theocracy came to be, based in the city of Cornu Copiae on the island known as Horn of Amalthea, where most of the Amaltheans are found. In order to prepare for the fight against evil, she is constantly helping the Theocracy form thier army by introducing special medicine which uses her diluted blood as main ingridiant, and also introducing the Sacred Fists which fight unarmed but can harness the power of thier goddess. In order to ensure that the world is pure she has also created Unicorns, Pegasi and Hippocampus. Her presence on the battlefield was felt during the battle of Dalam's Folly when 100 volunteers of the Theocracy raided a Va'Tari island in order to free the slaves, and despite the odds they managed to escape with little casualties and while the Va'Tari actions led to the loss of the island. On several occaisons she has used her powers to purify the corruption caused by Dalam and the Destroyer. She has recently declared war on Eul and his undead empire, and is slowly building up her forces. In order to do that, she harnessed all of the positive energy from all living creatures on the Material Plane, and created the Positive Energy Plane, where she resides in her realm of the Fields of Elysion on the highest tower of Heaven's Citadel. From there she called out to all good angels and gave them a new home in return for the creation of an army of angels known as the Heavenly Host.

Upon reaching a deal with Klik'chak to bind the souls of all Celestials to Elysion, she set off to warn the Va'Tari of thier imminent doom by sending angels in disguise as prophets, Naturally thanks to Dalam they largely ignored the warnings. Following the battle of Cornu Copiae, the Heavenly Host was revealed to the world as they laid waste to the entire Va'Tari Empire, saving only the ones who were truly innocent, the children. When Eul made his move to claim the ruined empire, Amalthea foiled his plans by shifting the entire Islands chain to Elysion, and over there she redeemed the Va'Tari and moulded them into the Na'Tari Shogunat. Shortly after, during Varr's second invasion, he tried to forceably convert Amalthea, since she was once a human of his flock. She devised a plan so that while she sacrificed herself, the Heavenly Host with Vincent leading it, would strike a terrible blow against the Varite forces. Her plan went better than expected because not only did the Heavenly Host destroyed Varlen virtually unopposed, but Amalthea also managed to defeat Varr, thus freeing all humans on the Playground from Varr's tyranny.

Dogma: To follow Amalthea is difficult, it requires a lot of sacrifice, and the possiblity of death is great and provides little rewards. However, for those who do choose to follow Amalthea, they gain her blessings, which is why the Theocracy when at war, will always march into battle and fight while chanting and praying to thier goddess, knowing that with her at thier side, they have a very powerful ally, which is why a lot of Amaltheans are very fanatic when following Amalthea's principles which are found in the book known as the Amalthean Verses. In a nutshell the dogma says that followers have to

1) Scatter all those who thrive in causing suffering
2) Bring swift death to evil
3) Sooth the pains of the world
4) Be ready to die for Amalthea's cause
5) Slavery is something to abhor

Cleregy/Temples: There is no right or wrong way to worship Amalthea, she never gave any laws on how prayers should be done, or how her temples should be made, besides the main temple in Cornu Copiae so that her blood to be recivied to the mortals, so any law or proceedure in worship is made by mortals, this includes the Theocracy's notorious beurocracy. Overall, the Amalthean cleregy is controlled by the Preist-King of the Theocracy as well as the Holy Congress, in Cornu Copiae, where her main temple is located. Small temples which double as hospitals can be found around the world, and since Amalthea does not demand to be worshiped, many people dedicate small shrines to her, and pray for her soothing touch, even if they do not worship her.

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