Universal Traits:Divinely Morphic
Timeless: Time continues to flow but has little to no effects on the residents of Amensi. Age, hunger, thirst, and other time effects don’t function in Amensi, though they resume functioning when the traveler leaves. Natural healing and poisons still function as normal.

The Great Pyramid
Physical Traits:Variant Gravity: Heavy Gravity is in effect within about 20 miles of the Great Pyramid, except in the region immediately surrounding the Veil of Souls to ease the arrival of new souls. Normal Gravity is in effect within the temple complex around the Veil and everywhere else.
Infinite: Amensi truly has no borders. One can walk endlessly out into That Which Lies Beyond, and many do. Though, no matter how far one travels, it takes a mere 1d4 days of travel to return to the region of the Great Pyramid should one desire to do so. This reduced travel time only works when traveling directly to the pyramid, no landmarks between the point of origin and the pyramid are passed, and one cannot stop traveling until the pyramid is reached.
Elemental and Energy Traits:There are no elemental or energy traits on the layer of the Great Pyramid.
Alignment Traits:See Text.
Magic Traits:Normal/Dead Magic: The majority of Amensi has normal magic; however, the region that contains the Veil of Souls and the temple complex supporting incoming spirits is a Dead Magic zone where no magic can function at all. Only Klik'chak and deities of a higher Divine Rank can manifest magic in this area; however, their followers can not.
Home to:Klik'chak

The Fields of Glory
Physical Traits:Normal Gravity
Infinite: Amensi truly has no borders. One can walk endlessly out into That Which Lies Beyond, and many do. Though, no matter how far one travels, it takes a mere 1d4 days of travel to return to the center of the layer should one desire to do so. This reduced travel time only works when traveling directly to the center of the fields, no landmarks between the point of origin and the center of the fields are passed, and one cannot stop traveling until the center of the fields is reached.
Elemental and Energy Traits:There are no elemental or energy traits on the layer of the Fields of Glory.
Alignment Traits:See Text.
Magic Traits:Normal Magic
Home to:

Physical Traits:Objective Directional Gravity: Gravity changes randomly and radically from place to place with no rhyme or reason
Infinite: There is no end to Riikano, but there is also no sense of direction or progress should one try to move through it. There is a perpetual feeling of being completely lost and afraid.
Elemental and Energy Traits:Fire Dominant and Water Dominant
Alignment Traits:none
Magic Traits:Dead Magic
Home to:none
The Final Home, The True Afterlife

Amensi is divided into three great layers, each with very distinct characteristics.

The Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid the the primary and most well known layer of Amensi. It is here, at the base of the pyramid, that the VeilOfSouls Veil of Souls connects with the Prime Material and to where all newly deceased arrive. Immediately surrounding the Veil is a vast temple complex filled with a long bureaucratic queue where souls are weighed, judged, and granted the appropriate eternal reward for their actions in life.

The Great Pyramid itself soars into the heavens far beyond what mortal eyes can see. The pyramid measures 50,000 cubits on each side (~14.3 miles) and reaches a height of 31,812 cubits (~9.1 miles), though it seems much more massive than it really is. The exterior of the pyramid is made of solid sandstone which the desert winds have polished to a smooth, glassy surface which is impossible to climb and capped with a massive pyramidion composed of rare and precious metals, orichalcum to the north, electrum to the east, mithril to the south, and adamantine to west. The pyramid is filled with an infinite number of shifting and changing corridors filled with traps and treasures that can never be fully explored. It is here that many long dead adventurers spend their eternities.

The City-States
The inside of the Great Pyramid resides in the center of an endless desert, divided by its denizens into 4 distinct regions. In the north is the great city of Seltera, a bastion of Good against the Forces of Darkness. The very air here shimmers with light and joy. Within the walls of the city, the plane is Strongly Good-Aligned, and the lands immediately surrounding it are Mildly Good Aligned. To the east lies the city named Latherion, City of Justice. The city itself is Strongly Law-Aligned, and the region around it is Mildly Law-Aligned. Nefari, a city of darkness and evil lies south of the pyramid. Its skies ever covered with a dark shroud, the city is Strongly Evil-Aligned while the nearby lands are Mildly Evil-Aligned. To the west is a strangely twisting mass that considers itself a city but can barely even be recognized as such. The name of this city it unpronounceable to all save those who dwell there and is Strongly Chaos-Aligned. The region nearby is Mildly Chaos-Aligned. Scattered throughout the interposing lands of the cities are vast stretches of regions with no moral or ethical alignment traits, it is usually here that you will find settlements of the 'intermediate' and neutral alignments, such as Lawful Good and Neutral Evil. Such people tend to drift to the regions between the cities of their alignments. Despite the intense polarization of the various alignments, combat between the alignments is forbidden by Klik'chak on the layer of the Great Pyramid; however, minor disagreements and scuffles between individuals are still permitted.

The lands around and between the cities were once desert but have been turned into either paradises or wastelands by their denizens or through the influence of Klik'chak for the benefit of the deceased. Any and all terrains can be found around the Great Pyramid beyond the immutable desert in the area of about 20 miles around it.

That Which Lies Beyond
That Which Lies Beyond, or simply The Beyond or Endless Desert, is the name for the endless sands that exist beyond the domains of the City-States. As more souls enter Amensi, the realms of each City-State expands out into The Beyond to accommodate those who wish to dwell there. Many deceased, particularly Monstrous Humanoids, druids, rangers, and sects who worship fiercely independent deities often head out into the wastes as far as they can go before setting down and building a community of their own far from outsiders. Despite the growth of the City-States, these Outlying Colonies never draw closer to them. It is speculated that if one travels far enough into The Beyond, that there are wonders beyond what any mortal can dream, perhaps even the key to divine ascension.
The Underwarrens
Beneath the realm of the Great Pyramid is a vast network of interconnected caverns, passages, and tunnels delved by the subterranean races who have come to Amensi. The pyramid itself is built upon an infinitely tall pillar of sandstone which can not be pierced by any means. The delvings of the Underwarrens must tunnel around this column; however, there is no practical limit to the depth at which the tunnels can be excavated. Dirt, soil, and stone does not need to be fully removed from the tunnels. Due to a special boon from Klik'chak, anything removed to build more tunnels that is considered refuse can be casually discarded and simply ceases to exist. If more material is needed, it can be found once again in the place the materials were originally discarded.

The Grand Palace
Hovering far above the top of the Great Pyramid, and slightly off center towards the east side of its pinnacle, hovers the Grand Palace. It is practically an individual layer itself, though denizens of the Great Pyramid my enter and exit it at will, assuming they can reach the zenith of the pyramid, which some few have managed.

It is here that Klik'chak holds his court and makes his home. The palatial gardens are filled with sand and wondrous plant life irrigated by magical pools of water and a complex aqueduct system. Within the walls of the palace is an infinite number of suites and banquet halls in which Klik'chak's favored servants who have passed on now dwell. There are also quite a few who have come to dwell within the palace who did not serve Klik'chak in life, and many still do not do so in death; however, Klik'chak does not begrudge them this and allows them to dwell in his palace as they please. The Grand Hall is Dynamically Finite, in that the table always has exactly enough chairs and placements for everyone gathered to celebrate the Afterlife. Other halls are of finite size, but there are an infinite number of them. The only feature of the palace that mortals who did not follow Klik'chak in life feel mars its pristine beauty is the abundance of sand drifts built up in corners of rooms and various hallways, though many of Klik'chak's worshipers enjoy them and often make use of the larger ones as makeshift couches and beds on which to lounge.

No mortal spirit has ever seen Klik'chak's personal chambers.

The Fields of Glory

The Fields of Glory is a perfect mirror of the layer of the Great Pyramid, even occupying the same exact space. Similar cities, with the same names, as those around the pyramid exist in the Fields of Glory. The terrain remains identical, except for certain minor elements changed by the denizens. The only immediately noticeable difference is that where the Great Pyramid once stood is a dark and blood soaked field of war. This layer has little law and less mercy. Each city, both around the pyramid and in the fields, has a great portal within its central square. By using these portals, souls may travel back and forth between the two layers with ease. Equipment and items for combat can be found in great supply by artisans and craftsmen who make their homes around the portal on both sides. Usually, these items can be acquired for free or for the cost of a genuine compliment. As there is no need for material wealth, most craftsmen desire only to create the best gear and have it used by the greatest combatants. Should a mortal return to any other plane through resurrection or other means, any gear he acquired while in Amensi is stored in a pocket dimension until he passes to the True Afterlife once more.

The Fields of Glory were designed for those who seek combat and can not or choose not to dwell peaceably around the Great Pyramid. Great armies march forth, unleashing terrible war machines and even more terrible magic upon enemy forces. Though it started as one great conflict between the various alignments, such stratification has broken down over the ages. There are usually six main armies, each with different ideologies and goals built from a mixture of alignments. There are also countless lesser militant groups which espouse less known or less popular beliefs but wish to fight to uphold them at all costs. Denizens tend to drift from one group to the next over the ages as their personal beliefs change or evolve or when boredom grows and they seek a change. As such, the groups themselves change form, tactics, and even ideologies with time. New groups form and dissolve as the ages pass, and yet the war continues unabated.

When a soul is 'slain' in the Fields of Glory, it is instantly returned to the layer around the Great Pyramid fully intact and unharmed. From here, they must make their way back to a portal in one of the four City-States to return to the Fields of Glory. After being slain, they must generally wait a week or so before being able to pass through the portal to the fields. Mortals are unsure of why exactly this rule is in place, but it gives them more incentive to fight harder and survive longer when in the fields.


Riikano is the Kreen name given to the realm below that of the Great Pyramid. It is an endless subterranean hell, frozen and burning at once. Great chasms of ice are surrounded by magma and endless flame. Such a place could never exist on the Material Plane. It is a place of torment and despair from which there is no escape, even a True Resurrection lacks the power to pluck a soul from this realm.

Mortals, and even some minor deities who have been slain, who grossly violated the laws of reality in life are sentenced here. Those who weaken the fabric of reality or who summon forth monstrosities from alternate realities beyond the world of Playground are doomed to suffer for their gross violations in Riikano. A special torment is devised for each and every individual in Riikano, though one universal theme is utter isolation. Souls bound to Riikano can occupy the exact same place within the layer but can sense no other soul in any manner natural or supernatural. It is a place of utter loneliness, desolation, and despair.

Those who dwell around the Great Pyramid who grossly violate the Law of Noncombat may be sent here temporarily as punishment, but they are seldom left for long. Their crimes simply aren't severe enough to merit an enternity in Riikano.

Riikano is shielded from intervention by Klik'chak. As such, only Klik'chak or a deity whose divine rank is greater than Klik'chak's may free a bound soul from Riikano. Riikano also cannot be entered by any known means beyond divine punishment, though there is nothing except the prospect of eternal torment to inspire anyone to search for a way in.

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