The Apex Mantle

Created by Elimanishon Elimanishon

The Apex Mantle was crafted during the sun lord's conflict with Marda. It is a shield of unspeakable 'correctness' in every aspect, always with the right ratios and weight for the current user. For how efficient the artifact is, it's hard to tell that it was crafted from absolute chaos in Elimanishon's forge.

On the Divine Level:
The smooth, polished curves of the shield can focus energy. It is also used by the sun lord to channel the sun's rays. The Apex Mantle reduces the cost of increasing divine rank to 2 AP, but it requires the action to be synced with a Nourish or Pestilence action from which the source of the energy is derived. In brief, it grants a free Nourish or Pestilence when using the normal DR increasing 3 AP action, but applied before the DR increase.

In Mortal Hands:
As a +5 light steel shield, the Apex Mantle grants its user immunity to acid, cold, electric, fire, sonic, positive and negative energy. One per day per energy type, they may heal from the energy damage as an immediate action, recovering 1 hitpoint for every 2 points of damage negated.

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