Ash Slaad

Medium Outsider (Chaos, Extraplanar)
HD 20d8+180 (270)
Speed 30 ft. (6 squares)
Init: +14
AC 47; touch 20; flat-footed 37
(10 Dex, 18 natural, 9 from +5 chain shirt)
BAB +20; Grp +29
Attack Claw +29
(1d8, 19-20/x2)
Full-Attack Two claws +29/+24 (1d8+9, 19-20/x2), and one bite +19 (1d6+9, 18-20/x2); or +3 anarchic, flaming burst, ghost strike greatsword +32/+27/+22 (2d6+21, x2) and bite +19 (1d6+9, 18-20/x2)
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks Spell-like abilities, change shape, ashen illusions, scatter strike, armaments of chaos, summon slaad
Special Qualities DR 10/Law, darkvision 60 feet, fast healing 10, immune to sonic, energy resistance (acid, cold, electricity, fire) 5, telepathy 100 feet, change shape, outsider traits
Saves Fort +21 Ref +22 Will +19
Abilities Str 28, Dex 30, Con 28, Int 21, Wis 21, Cha 23
Skills Bluff +29, Climb +32, Know (arcana) +28, Know (the planes) +28, Listen +28, Move Silently +33, Search +28, Spellcraft +28, Spot +28, Swim +32, Tumble +33
Feats Power Attack, Improved Initiative, Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, Iron Will, Combat Reflexes
Environment Solar Eternity
Organization Unknown, usually solitary
Challenge Rating 20
Treasure None
Alignment Chaotic neutral or chaotic evil
Advancement 21-25 HD (Medium), 26-30 HD (Large)

Ash slaadi are insidious creatures of chaos spawned from the ashen spots in the Solar Eternity, a fusion of the evil goddess Marda Marda's powers and the chaos of the plane. They are more powerful than even death slaad and boast powerful magic, impossible agility, and battle prowess. An ash slaad does not spawn but fiercely leads ashling armies and coordinates the harvest of new hosts. These creatures are innate liars and have the power to back up any deceit. Merely being next to one blurs the lines between reality and illusion.

An ash slaad stands at almost seven feet high and weighs about 500 pounds despite its almost skeletal look. They appear similar to death slaad but have a deep crimson tone to their skin much like rust. They speak Common and have telepathy.

Most, the few that exist, dwell in the Solar Eternity keeping watch over ashlings. Every few decades, each is allowed a break to travel to another plane and instigate in a conflict. A notable ash slaad is Mas-Silgar, who hopes in intervene in the Ilus-Magnus conflict at the Glade.

Armaments of Chaos (Su): As a full-round action, an ash slaad can create up to three magical pieces of light armor and/or martial weapons. The total enhancement bonus cannot exceed 10 (half of its HD), and no single weapon can receive more than a 5 (one-fourth of its HD). Weaponry gains the anarchic and ghost strike properties for free and it is proficient in any item it creates. If the slaad dies or drops its items, they disappear.

Change Shape (Su): An ash slaad can assume the form of any Small, Medium, or Large humanoid.

Scatter Strike (Su): Any creature struck by the claws of an ash slaad or its armaments of chaos must make a DC 26 Will save (Cha-based) or become temporarily disrupted. There is a 50% chance the target becomes ethereal and paralyzed until its next turn, a 50% chance the target gains two negative energy levels, and a 50% chance the target gains a -4 penalty to saves for five rounds (all three effects could happen at once, roll independently).

Ashen Illusions (Su): All figment spells cast with 60 feet of an ash slaad that try to imitate a conjuration or evocation spell become partially real.
Like with shadow evocation, the spells are 10% real per spell level (maximum of 90%). This also applies to spell-like abilities. No effect can duplicate a spell greater than its own spell level, nor can they duplicate any spell above eighth level.

Summon Ashling (Su): Once per day as a standard action, an ash slaad can summon an ashling (15HD) with a 40% chance of success or two ashlings (10HD each) with a 60% chance of success.

Spell-like Abilities: At will - animate objects, chaos hammer, cloak of chaos, detect magic, dimension door, dispel law, fear, fly, identify, greater invisibility, magic circle against law, project image, see invisibility, shatter, suggestion, telekinesis, veil, word of chaos. 1/day - shades (at 100%).

Altered Advancement: When an ash slaad turns into a white slaad by surviving for 100 years and then a black slaad 100 years later on, it keeps its Ashen Illusions, Armaments of Chaos, and Scatter Strike abilities. It may also carry over three spell-like abilities of its choice. Treat the CR as one higher.
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