Title(s):Eryllin the Great Princess, The Desert Queen
Home:City of Akkade, Playground
Power Level:Demigod(DR 4, Evo 1)
Class:Magister 14 / Spellthief 10
Alignment:Neutral Evil
Portfolio:Avarice, Mechanization, Sex, Wealth
Domains:Evil, Greed, Lust, Technology, Wealth
Begotten By:Klik'chak
Asherah, the Desert Queen
Asherah, the Desert Queen
Played by Rizban

Asherah, the Desert Queen, should have been the protector of the deserts and races of the desert on Xiua. Instead, her greed drives her to attempt to take control of everything she can lay her hands on. Her ultimate goal is to spread the deserts across the world and thus increase her dominion. She created the Genies after aspects of herself to be her mortal agents in the world.

A few Jann, with Asherah's divine influence, managed to escape from the bounds of the Ashen Sea and travel to Ramua. Disguising themselves as the races common to whatever region they traveled, they began spreading rumors of the princess who had been locked away from the world by her terrible father. A lone Jann even managed to reach the Grin, where the Capsin took the story and wove great poems and songs embellishing the tale, praising the beauty and purity of "Eryllin the Great Princess" locked away on her desolate isle and bedeviling that vile, tyrant father of hers, whoever he was, that had doomed her to her woeful fate.

The tale drew many would be heroes, all perishing in the Ashen Sea or at the hands of the genies of the Isle, all except for one. For the tale had reached the ears of the demigod Osric. Mounted atop his faithful dragon, together they overcame all odds, nearly coming to their own ends, until, at last, Osric stood before the beauteous 'Eryllin'. As he knelt before her as her champion, she stole his very heart. The enchantments that Asherah herself had placed on the isle were dismissed, and before Osric opened up a luxurious palatial garden. Enticed to stay and rule the the kingdom as its benevolent king, Osric unwittingly serves at Asherah's every beck and call, honestly believing himself to be wed to the virtuous Eryllin. Asherah secretly runs the kingdom behind Osric's back while occasionally sending him off on daring adventures to gain fame and win honor for her but mostly just to keep him out of the way. Despite her greedy nature, she does have some feelings for Osric, though they remain deeply buried.

Holy Symbol: A six point star burst held aloft by a winged scarab.
Asherah's Holy Symbol
Favored Weapon: EquipmentWeapons#Falchion Falchion
Worshipers: Genies, inventors, merchants, prostitutes, used chariot salesmen
Avatar: N/A
Artifacts: N/A
Creations: Akkade, Genies
Important Followers: N/A

Combat: Caster 14, Striker 10
Origins: Asherah was begotten by Klik'chak to protect the deserts and races of the desert at times he was not able; however, she quickly decided that she deserved to own them rather than merely protect them. She founded a city of Genies named Akkade and currently resides there plotting her followers' escape from the natural prison fashioned around the island.

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