Athik Psychic Warrior
The Athiks are the chosen people of Cliktith. The first Athiks were created from ants, and the species as a whole has a very insect-like mindset, dedicated to the Hive.

Personality: Cliktith society frowns upon displays of emotion and independent thought, so Athiks are almost invariably hard working monstrous humanoids who keep to themselves. Athiks hold the safety and self-preservation of their hive above all other values, even to the detriment of their own health and safety, and individual Athiks often display extreme bravery in the face of threats to their settlement. Cooperation among Athiks is a fundamental aspect of their culture, so Athiks can be quite empathetic and helpful to their kin. Separate hives seldom compete with one another, viewing themselves as extensions of the whole. When two hives come into conflict, the smaller, and therefore more mobile, of the two simply picks up and moves to a new area.

Physical Description: Athiks look like a cross between a human and an ant. They all stand within one inch of three feet, eight inches tall. They have no skin, but instead are covered in a shiny black exoskeleton. They have only two arms, each of which end in a hand with four fingers. They have two legs, each of which has two sharp toes. They have no mouth or lungs but instead absorb oxygen through spiracles on their bodies. Their heads have small, widely-set black eyes, two long thin feelers and a pair of small mandibles.

Relations: Athiks are yet to meet any other creature, but will tend toward xenophobia due to their high value of self-preservation.

Alignment: Almost all Athiks are lawful. Those who are not do not last long in Athiks society. They tend toward neutrality on the good-evil scale. Evil is favored ever so slightly over good due to their lack of appreciation for common freedoms

Athiks Lands: As of yet, all Athiks live together in a huge series of tunnels beneath The Anthill.

Religion: Athiks are extraordinarily reverent, though not in the contemporary sense. They do not pray, but instead adhere to the commands given to them when they were created.

Language: Athiks have their own simple, easy to learn language with makes use of a series of hisses and clicks.

Names: Athiks names are no more than a series of numbers.

Racial Traits

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