Home Plane:Mountain of Eternal Meditation, Amensi
Power Level:Lesser Deity(DR 7)
Class:Sohei 16 / Monk 14
Alignment:True Neutral
Portfolio:Physical Perfection
Domains:Balance, Celerity
Begotten By:Teera and Elimanishon
Played by Jeriah

Avlara seeks to find the balance between Order and Chaos within the mind while attaining physical perfection. Her own mind is filled with the chaotic demeanor of her father but ordered by the lawfulness of her mother. She often has violent mood swings between the two, though she tries to keep them in harmony through physical exertion and mental balance. Her philosophy is to still the chaos of one's thoughts so that they can flow smoothly, not to chain them down as her mother believes nor to let them run rampant as her father.

Holy Symbol: a winged boot
Favored Weapon: katana
Worshipers: Monks and mystics, those who seek inner peace
Avatar: N/A
Artifacts: N/A
Important Followers: N/A

Combat: Striker 30

Avlara is the daughter of Teera and Elimanishon, given birth by their exchange of ideals for Playground.

Yet to be established.

The monastery built on the Mountain of Meditation on Xiua currently contains the only temple to Avlara. She communicates with the monks there through the great golden statue which depicts her.

Avlara does not have any particular clergy, as her followers are generally ascetics who have taken up monastic life within the monastery.

Divine Relationships
Avlara attempts to maintain a close relationship with her parents. She is sometimes at odds with them, though less so than they are with each other.

Beyond her parents, she has no real relationships with any gods. She has not met the majority of them.
She has joined the pantheon of her mother rather than that of her father, because she prefers to solitude it affords her on her mother's mountain.

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