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Personality: In the wild, beastborn don't associate with any but beastborn and 'monster races'. On the Grin, they're reserved and quiet, though when they get angry...well, don't get them angry.

Physical Description: Beastborn are roughly seven feet tall on average and range from wide and tough to lean and fast. Vaguely humanoid in nature, beastborn are powerful anthropomorphic animals.

Relations: Beastborn typically avoid the smaller races, though when they are forced into an encounter, they'd much rather fight to the death than chat. This leads to significantly strained relations with all races beyond the islands of the Grin.

Alignment: Usually chaotic neutral, sometimes chaotic evil, rarely true neutral or chaotic good

Beastborn Lands: Beastborn are native to the Labyrinth and have small settlements on the Grin. Beyond these lands, beastborn tend to be little more than restless wanderers looking for a worthy opponent.

Religion: Beastborn pay respect exclusively to Labyrinth, though they have been known to go through the motions of worshiping other gods.

Language: Beastborn speak Rinthan, the native language of all inhabitants of the Labyrinth. Most also speak Common, but they have little desire to learn other languages and seldom do so.

Names: Kram, Hock, Oord, and other single syllable names with a vowel sound in the middle and a harsher sound at the end

Beastborn Traits
Beastborn possess the following racial traits.

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