Bending is a fine manipulation of the basic elements of the world which prioritizes creativity and versatility over ease of use. It requires additional dice rolls to adjudicate, but allows benders to combine bending seeds to create a wider range of options. While bending is a form of psionics, it is completely separate type of psionics from any of the standard psychic forms in the world. Bending is control over nature, flowing as nature flows, but at the same time, it is completely disharmonious with the natural world, with nature itself occasionally rebelling against it in unpredictable ways. Bending is covered in more detail in Skills Chapter 3: Skills and Feats and Bending Chapter 5: Psionics.

Each bender has control over a particular element, usually to the exclusion of the others. The four basic paths are Airbender, Earthbender, Firebender, and Waterbender, though there are some more advanced paths, such as the ShadowBender Shadowbender.

Benders and Prestige Classes

Benders qualify for prestige classes in a unique way. A bender's Manifester level is equal to his caster level, allowing him to qualify for certain feats and prestige classes which require a specific manifester; however, a bender does not qualify for any prestige class which requires him to be able to manifest powers of a certain level, as he never gains traditional psionic powers. A bender may also substitute ranks in Knowledge (Bending) for Knowledge (Psionics) for the purposes of qualifying for a prestige class but not for any other purposes.

Benders benefit from prestige classes which provide "+1 level of existing manifesting class" as a level advancement benefit. A bender taking levels in such a prestige class does not gain any of his bending class abilities, but he does gain access to additional seeds known as if he had gained a level in his bending class. For the purposes of determining the effects of bending seeds with components based on a bender's class level adds his bender class levels and the levels which increased his manifesting level together.

Benders and Psionic Feats

Benders also qualify for psionic feats which require a specific manifester level, and the bender may become psionically focuses and expend that focus. It should be noted, however, that metapsionic feats may never be applied to bending seeds.

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