Title(s):the Adventurer, the Savior
Home Plane:The Material Plane, on the Grin
Power Level:Demigod(DR 1)
Class:Warblade 18
Alignment:Chaotic Good
Portfolio:Adventurers, Swords
Domains:Travel, Good
Begotten By:Gliss and Sophia the Valkyrie
Played by Vadin

Brief Description: Caina is the adventurous daughter of Gliss, the god of freedom, summer, and sky, and Sophia, one of Lossethir's mighty Valkyries. Both of their natures are brought to the most extreme in their daughter Caina's wild, noble, and beneficient quests.

Holy Symbol: A Greatsword
Favored Weapon: The Liberator's Blade
Worshipers: Adventurers
Avatar: N/A
Artifacts: N/A
Creations: Minotaur, Dire Bat, Aerodon, Niidro
Important Followers: N/A

Combat: Warrior 18

One of the Valkyries, Sophia, was travelling the material plane when she came upon the Grin. Enchanted with the prospect of a city full of strong, capable people far above the earth, she stayed for quite some time. Not too long after her arrival, word reached Gliss that a powerful woman had taken up residence in the city. Curious, Gliss visited. God and Valkyrie met, and fell madly, hopelessly in love. For a time, the two were inseperable. But, as beings of passion and air are wont to do, their loved waned, and the two seperated, Gliss returning to his duties as the guardian of the Grin and Sophia to the next battle. Their love was not without fruit, however. Before departing, Sophia left a baby on the doorstep of the Guild with two things: a shimmering greatsword and a note: Caina. Tryll Guildmaster took the child in and raised her to be brave and courageous, to know her past and the world around her, and to never stop exploring. And so it came to pass that Caina reached a certain age and inherited her divine right, becoming not simply Caina Guildmistress as the daughter of Tryll had been known before, but Caina the Adventurous. In the garb of a bleached elven woman with large autumn skybeast wings, Caina explores the world and aids wary adventurers in times of need.

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