Title(s):The Visionary
Home Plane:Coirae, Realm of Harmonious Vigor
Power Level:Demigod(DR 1, Evo 1)
Class:Druid 5/Sentinel of the Glade 13
Alignment:Neutral Good
Portfolio:Light, Spring
Domains:Radiance, Forest
Begotten By:Evadize
Calypso, Goddess of Spring
Calypso, Goddess of Spring
Played by Faithless

Very caring and sympathetic of other creatures, Calypso is protective of all creatures. She is quiet and often seen as timid but her bravery does not falter when times call for her powers.

Holy Symbol: A Vertical Yellow Line
Favored Weapon: Longbow
Avatar: None
Artifacts: None
Creations: The Sacred Glade

Combat: Divinity 18
Origins: Created as Evadize's first act, her beauty was carved from the unfurling of the first leaves of spring, her hair shimmering as the first golden red flowers.

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