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And Gliss awoke, and was happy. And he thought himself not alone, for life was nearby. The life could not respond to him, however, and he was saddened. To remedy this, he sang intelligence into the life around him, and it spoke, and Gliss was pleased, and he named them the Capsin.

Personality: The Capsin crave joy. They crave life. They crave action. The Capsin seek to enjoy all that the world has to offer and avoid the parts they dislike as much as possible. Their interests change as quick as they run, and it takes a mighty Capsin to stick to something that isn't terribly exciting for very long.

Physical Description: They stand, on average, a head or two taller than men and are covered in a fine layer of fur. On their head lies hair, longer than that which covers their bodies, and usually in a bright and unexpected color. Their legs are thick at the tops, and make them powerful runners and jumpers, and their long feet barely touch the ground when they're ready to move. Beyond that, little stands to differentiate them from tall humans with a layer of soft, glistening fur.

Relations: Capsin tend to get along well with other races, especially considering that they live on the Grin, where members of almost all other races live.

Alignment: Usually chaotic good or neutral.

Capsin Lands: The Grin

Religion: The Capsin don't find it hard to pay their respects to Gliss, their creator. After all, he travels with them, guiding them, teaching them, and protecting them. When a Capsin feels particularly grateful to Gliss, or any other time he celebrates, he will imitate the god and sing a few notes and play a simple flute or lyre.

Language: Capsin speak Leppy, the ancient Capsin tongue, and Common.

Names: Tryll, Grim, Twist, Shia. Capsin names tend to be short (one or two syllables).

Adventurers: Capsin are most commonly some variety of bard or other class that can fill multiple roles, though members of other classes are fairly common as well.

Capsin Racial Traits
Capsin possess the following traits

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