The Chosen of Sand

Army of the Chosen
The Chosen of Sand, as a people, are KlikChak Klik'chak's most dedicated followers. Most live as nomads in the Desert of Teerp to be closer to their god of Sand. Almost all Chosen are devout and vocal of their beliefs and generally do not get along well with outsiders. Though there are a few semi-permanent encampments near oases, the only real permanent settlement is around the TempleOfSand Temple of Sand in the heart of the Desert of Teerp in the southern part of Ramua.

There exists a growing movement of true fanatics, led by the EmissaryOfSand Emissary of Sand, who call themselves TrueChosen the True Chosen.

Philosophy: Chosen philosophy holds that Sand is all, will always be all, and is all that ever was. Nothing beyond the desert lands in which they dwell matters. Anything that would upset the natural balance of those desert lands, particularly permanent cities and the great evil of irrigation, is fought against vehemently. Though most Chosen are content to merely protect and preserve desert habitats, there are some who believe that the entire world should become desert and actively seek to transform neighboring environments into desert sands, thereby expanding the dominion of their god.

Chosen Lore: Most Chosen join because they worship the dry, arid aspect of Klik'chak and seek others of like mind. Many of the Chosen leaders are actually not worshipers but rather Klik'chak's direct servants, being mentally dominated and controlled by him. Should this connection be severed, the Chosen will do nearly anything in his power to regain that connection with his god, so complete is the domination. The ultimate goal of most Chosen is to become one with the deserts, which means to have their mind and will subsumed by their god and absorbed into his will. Klik'chak does not dominate them out of malice or arrogance, but rather because he finds that directly implanting and controlling thoughts is far more efficient than verbal communication.

Leadership: The Chosen of Sand were once led by the EmissaryofSand Emissary of Sand as high priest. Since his founding of the True Chosen of Sand, a small council of elder priests has taken over the leadership of the Chosen. Until a new high priest is appointed by Klik'chak, the Chosen will continue to use a loose collection of priests to interpret the will of the Sacred Sands.

Symbol: A sand colored pyramid with a black sunburst in the center.

Size: Regional (9). The Chosen of Sand live almost exclusively in the Desert of Teerp on the southern shores of Ramua.

Associated Classes: Clerics, Crusaders, Druids, and Rangers.

Dues: There are no monetary dues to be a member of the Chosen of Sand; however, members must make a pilgrimage to the Temple of Sand every few years, and Chosen are expected to never defile desert terrain. Failure to uphold these tenets results in immediate expulsion from the Chosen. An atonement spell cast by a Chosen priest can reinstate those who have been expelled.

General Benefits: Each Chosen is guaranteed to have safe passage among other Chosen. Any Chosen who attacks another is immediately expelled and marked as a traitor fit only for death. Chosen are also guaranteed a shelter for the night or through storms should they encounter other Chosen in the deserts.
Chosen are more likely to respond positively to other Chosen and negatively to non-Chosen. The initial attitude of a Chosen is always one step closer to helpful from his normal starting attitude towards fellow Chosen and one step closer to hostile towards non-Chosen (see Influencing NPC Attitude, PHB 72).
Chosen help their own. If you make a Diplomacy or Gather Information check while talking to a fellow Chosen, you gain a +2 circumstance bonus on the check.
Finally, all members of the Chosen of Sand gain a useful contact within the Chosen (see below).

Associated Skills: Concentration, Heal, Knowledge (religion), Knowledge (any one other), Spellcraft, Survival.

Favored in Guild Feat Benefit: Your faith is bolstered by active membership in the guild. Once per character level, you can deem a particularly insidious mind-affecting ability possessed by an enemy to be a test of faith, thereby gaining a one-time +5 bonus on your Will saving throw.

Sample Contact: Thoric, 5th-level cleric. As a contact within the Chosen , Thoric is friendly to you. Once per month, he'll use cure light wounds on any person or creatures brought to the Chosen as a favor to you at no charge.
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