Title(s):The Swarming, The Psionic Star
Home Plane:The Void
Power Level:Lesser Deity(DR 12, Evo 2)
Class:Warblade 14 / Telepath 16 / Verminlord 10
Alignment:Lawful Neutral
Portfolio:Insects, Intelligence, Order
Domains:Law, Mind, Planning, Vermin
Begotten By:No god intentionally begot Cliktith
Played by Pyrefiend
Cliktith, in essence, is no more than a singular point of divine intelligence which shines like a gray star. However, his actual form is made up of hundreds of thousands of insects which swarm around it, drawn to the overwhelming telepathic beacon like moths to a flame.

Holy Symbol: An ant
Favored Weapon: natural weapons / unarmed
Worshipers: Athiks, Psionicists
Avatar: N/A
Artifacts: N/A
Creations: Athiks, The Anthill, Psionics
Important Followers: Psychics of the Anthill

Combat: Warrior 14, Caster 16
Natural Fear{H}: Cliktith has a primal fear (and thus hatred) of all chaotic-aligned beings, believing they are a threat to the athiks and the world. Against such foes, Cliktith fights with far more vigor.
Cloak of Swarms{D}: Enemies who would strike Cliktith first must contend with a massive host of divine insects.
Telepathic Wrath{C}: Once per week, Cliktith can heighten it's telepathic influence to harm others or protect itself.

Origins: Cliktith was when the divine residue left over from the first miracles gained intelligence and a semblance of life.

Cliktith desires nothing more than a safe, productive existance for all sentient life in Playground. It belives that the right to live is the most primordial right a creature can have, and to threaten another's safety is the most evil crime.

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