Title(s):The Forge, The Iron Maiden
Home Plane:The Playground
Power Level:Demi-Goddess(DR 5, Evo 1)
Class:Artificer 26
Alignment:Lawful Neutral
Portfolio:Artifice, Metalcraft
Domains:Artifice, Craft, Law, Metal
Begotten By:Xiua'Hi
Played by Moose Fisher

Coberal works at her godly-forge, creating metal contraptions and tools. She seeks chances for her creations and talents to be used in the world. She follows orders to the letter, although her father told her to follow her own will.

Symbol: A metallic mask bathed in flames
Worshipers: Lawful beings, Smiths, Artificers, Godforge Flameborn, Labor Managers, Mercenaries, Knights
Important Followers: Ignus, Blaze
Favored Weapon: Monotok (Hammer, Light) Avatar: The Mask
Creations: Forged
Created Landmarks: Godforge, Godfall Godfall Crater
Artifacts: Monotok (Utility), Numerous Artifacts held by the Deities (Armour of Aethariann, the Godlance, etc), Hesserx, NopyccanEgg
Combat: Caster 26
Monotok contains the sands of Klik'Chak, the cold of Lossethir, and was crafted by Coberal. The divine power within can only be used twice before needing to recharge.
(Monotok reduces AP for artifacts by 1, but can only be used 2 times a week)

General Description/overview/birth
During the preparations for the war with Varr, Innis breathed life into the elements of his various children. One of these elements was a vein of metal from the Material plane. As if attracted to the vein it came from, the developing god fell into Enigma's Volcanoes. Coberal, a simple metal mask, learned of the coming threat of Varr and his kin. To protect the Playground's mortal races from Varr's, she created the Godforge and began producing arms and armor along with the nearby Flameborn.

Events after the war have lead to Coberal isolating herself from the Material Plane. She is still part of it, but shields herself from divination magic. Her current state is unknown.

Relations with other gods/accomplishments
The Iron Maiden draws few lines among the Playground's numerous philosophies and gods. If a service is needed, she will provide it for an undefined price. She prefers law over chaos, but does not go out of her way to impose it over the other deities. Her isolation is to allow the mortal races to learn how to exist without divine intervention; she is currently working on ways to discourage the other demi-gods from working too closely with their mortal creations.

Coberal opposes influence from outside the Playground's Cosmology. Deities whose origins are elsewhere will find themselves under fire from Coberal's weapons, allies, and machinations.

Coberal is part of the Amensian Pantheon, and assists all its members.

The Destroyer: An outsider that has anchored itself to the Playground. Until she can vanquish it, Coberal will try to direct it against other outsiders.

Xiua'Hi: Coberal's father. She has great respect for him and his philosophies.

Amalthea: Coberal has immense guilt from what happened to her. The fact that Amalthea helps the world, is the result of Coberal's philosophy of providing service to anyone, and the creation of the Destroyer muddles what lesson there is to learn.

Gliss, Lossethir, Osric: Warriors of high caliber. They make great use of Coberal's creations and she is looking forward to more requests.

Worshipers of Coberal are skilled at whatever profession they are in. Nearly all of them know a craft skill, from forging to whittling. Remaining neutral in most affairs are what Coberal's faithful are known for; others call it apathy. As long as they are paid, worshipers will work for nearly anyone.

Clergy/Temples etc
Services to the Iron Maiden are not as ornate or frequent as those of other gods. Most worshipers simply whisper a few praises here and there in their work; a follower of Coberal must make their own miracles. Clerics work in other services most of the year, professions such as smiths or architects are common.

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