Cornu Copiae

Cornu Copiae is the main city and capital of the Theocracy and the center for the Amalthean faith. Amalthea wanted to lead her beleives away from the madness of war which was raging in the other continents, and for that reason, found an island in the Dal'Cory Island Chain, which is called Horn of Amalthea by her faithfull to create thier city. Cornu Copiae is located deep in the island and is surrounded by mountains, and through the ages has grown to become one of the worlds few true metropolis as it is a hub for trade, culture and wealth.

One of the most dominating structures is the Temple of Amalthea located in the center of the city. With 12 spires and an imposing tower which houses the Theocracy, Cornu Copiae's government, it also doubles as the city's main temple as is the biggest Amalthean temple in the world. Another important building is the Sacred Fist Academy, where the Sacred Fists, which are the elite troops of the Theocratic army are trained and reside. Other academies include the House Guard Center which trains paladins, and the Holy College which trains the Amalthean clerics. The roads of Cornu Copiae are massive boulevards which are flanked by massive marble statues of past heros and kings who have served the city and Amalthea's cause. In general, from a distance, the city can be seen with its magestic marble buildings, tall trees and bustling with life. There is also a large section of the city which is dedicated to trade, and that is the market sector, where on a daily basis, thousands of merchants sell and buy their products which come from across the world. Cornu Copiae also boasts huge cultural heritage, and has dedicated a lot of resource to creating arenas for sports such as wrestling which is one of the city's favorite sports, universities which educates the people, and podiums can be found all around the city where people can speak thier opinions, making Cornu Copiae a paradise for thinkers and philosophers.

The population of Cornu Copiae is mixed of every race who wish to worship Amalthea. The majority are humans, brougth by Amalthea herself, Dwarves, Elves and even Half-Elves, any one who wishes to worship Amalthea is welcomed into the city with open arms, so many other races have also established themselves in the city, making Cornu Copiae a rather unique city in that it draws a little out of every culture which each race brings, as they put thier own brush of cultural influence on the city itself. While the Theocracy worship Amalthea soley and the city is dedicated to her, Cornu Copiae welcomes any other good religion in the city, while neutral aligned religion are welcomed with caution. For example, because Lossethir and the Valkyries in the past aided the Theocracy, several shrines as well as statues of the Valkyries can be found around the city. Evil religions like Destroyeranism and all forms of dark magic are outlawed. Worshipers of Amalthea can be noticed since they tattoo thier forehead with a triangle to show thier faith to thier goddess.

Though they mean well, the fact that Cornu Copiae has managed to evolve from a little settlement into one of the largest and most influential cities in the world means that the people of Cornu Copiae have adopted a lofty attitude when it comes to dealing with other nations. Because of thier relationship with their goddess, they are convinced that what they do is done with rightousness on thier side, so anyone who opposes them are wretched creatures who need to be taught the right way of doing things. This is especially the case when it comes to the Va'Tari Empire. Cornu Copiaens and the Theocracy consider them to be pathetic creatures who need to be purged from their sins, and if anyone is going to do it, it will be the Theocracy since they are the only ones who can possibly do it. When dealing with other nations, the Cornu Copiaens are much more politer, even though they do consider them unfortunate for not being Cornu Copiaen, and it is thier opinion that everyone in the world wants to be a Cornu Copiaen and whoever says the opposite is obviously lying.

Cornu Copiae boasts a powerful army, thier colours being red and black, the red representing thier goddess' blood and the black her purity. The army is a professional one, with soilders being trained as paladins, monks and clerics, as well as other types of warriors. There are several regiments stationed around the city, ready to be sent out at a moment's notice. Often the army will be seeing parading around the city for a drill which also doubles as a spectacle for the citizens of the city. The Theocratic navy was once a bunch of leaky ships, but since the battle of Dalam's Folly which with the help of the Valkyries managed to take over some Va'Tari ships, the Theocracy has used the Va'Tari models to create a faster and more effective fleet, armed with thier own secret weapons. In general, training for the army lasts for 4 years, while every other citizen gets a one year basic training in the army, so that they can create a militia in case of an emergency.

Education in Cornu Copiae is mandatory for all children, and upon reaching adult hood everyone has a chance to either continue thier education in one of the universities, join the army or get a job. Healthcare is also free in Cornu Copiae, and it boasts the finest healthcare in the world, as well as the longest life expectancy as a result of it. Retirement homes can be easily found everywhere around Conru Copiae, as well as special buildings which provide the poor with food and shelter as well as giving them an opportunity to do small chores and get paid in order to help them rebuild thier lives. For these reasons, Cornu Copiae is a popular city for people to migrate into, which is another reason why it has grown to such size over the years.
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