Dalam Arwa Tashal

Dalam Arwa Tashal

Title(s):The God Queen, Scant Whore
Home Plane:Evad Islands, Playground, the Empire of the Va'Tari
Power Level:Demi-god(DR 3)
Class:Crusader 12/Ur-Priest 10
Alignment:Lawful Evil
Portfolio:Corruption, Military Conquest
Domains:Law, Tyranny, Corruption
Begotten By:Luffen
Innis Cabal

Dalam Tashal stands tall among most crowds, armed with her black, pulsing weapon and covered from head to toe in golden armor, with a long purple cloak trailing behind her. An aura of vile corruption and fear hangs about her

Holy Symbol: A Sparrow in Flight
Favored Weapon: The Godslayer(+6 Shadowstriking True Bane Executioners Mace)
Worshipers: Half Elves, Evil Rulers, Tieflings
Avatar: N/A
Artifacts: N/A
Creations: Dark Speech, Tiefling, Tanarukk, Rakshsa, Hellfire Wyrm, Va'Tari Darkguard, God Blood Inheritors
Important Followers: None at the Moment

Combat: Warrior 12, Striker 18
Dalam Tashal is an imposing woman, the pinnacle of Half elven beauty with ash gray skin, blazing orange eyes and flowing white hair. She most commonly can be seen in her trademark golden armor with a flowing purple cloak. Dalam served as the head commanders aid of the expansion force for the Va’Tari Empire, seizing power after Isul’s death with the divine aid of Luffen and the leaching effects of her powerful Ur magic from the once dragon god Chochin. Dalam serves as the mother and ruler of the Va’Tari Empire, ruling with a soft hand and commanding with an iron fist

Dalam views all gods as her sworn enemy, hating the Destroyer and Amalthea with an unbridled passion. Her relationship with Gliss is a strange one, and views him as her one single true enemy as he opposes the very principles she stands for. Though she has yet to meet many of the other divine entities of the world, she hates them as she did in her mortal life, viewing them as wicked villains that sought to hold her people down.

Take all that you can, and keep it. Do not lower yourself to those beneath you, do not grovel or beg for scraps of power, seize them even if it means you defy the gods. Only you are strong, and only by showing others your strength can you control them, and once you have control, bend and shape them to your will and vision.

The temples and clergy of Dalam are a highly militarized affair. Priests and churchs are regimented and training in combat is highly valued, if not out right required.

Temples are built up into expansive and simple towers, clerics wearing armor at almost all times.

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