Dark Fang
Greater Artifact
History: During the Varr Invasion, Dirije created this artifact for his Chosen Arios Faelronde. The first form of the sword had limited power, but eventually Dirije gave it unlimited power.

Completion:(Dirije gains the +0.5 to DR)
Enhancements:+5, vorpal, opening, wounding, echoing, life-drain(see special)
Special: The wielder heals the damage he deals. When vorpal or an assassin's Death Attack activates he heals the victim's total HP and gains a temporary +2 to Strength and Dexterity. For every three(3) points of Constitution the same victim loses to wounding, the wielder gains a temporary +1 to Constitution.
Reduces rounds of observation needed to make a Death Attack to one.
Thrice a week he can raise a victim killed by vorpal or Death Attack as a vampire spawn.
Upon completion Dark Fang retains all power under direct sunlight.

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