Va'Tari Darkguard

HD: d6

The Va’Tari Darkguard are a special organization charged with the defense of the skies over the Va’Tari Empire. Created by Dalam as a precursor to her grand war with the Grin, the Darkguard fights under her will, and the will of the Infernal Prince of Dark Skies, loyal only to the Va’Tari. Their base of operations is a well kept secret, only to members of the actual Darkguard and Dalam, based on the shores of Xiua where the Dark Nest resides. The Darkguard is a structured and well disciplined organization, controlled by the High Warlock, and is attended by the seven Guard Princes.

To qualify to become a Va’tari Darkguard, a character must fulfill the following criteria
Alignment: Any Evil
Base Save Bonus: Will save +5
Skills: Craft(Alchemy) 5 ranks, Knowledge (arcane) 8, Knowledge (The planes) 5,
Langauge: Draconic, Infernal
Feats: Dark Speech, Spell Focus (Evocation)
Spells: Must be able to cast an evocation spell
Special: Must serve under a Darkguard as their squire

Class Skills
The class skills of a Va’Tari Darkguard are
Va'Tari Darkguard skill points per level: 2+int
The following are class features for the Va’Tari Darkguard

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: A Va’Tari Darkguard does not gain any new weapon or armor proficiencies

Spells Per Day/Spells known: At each level, a Va’Tari Darkguard gains spells as if he also gained a level in his previous spellcasting class. He does not gain bonus feats or special abilities of his previous class. A multi-classed spellcaster must choose which class receives the increase.
Energy Resistance: Upon entering into the Va’Tari Darkguards, the individual gains his pick of energy resistance. He gains energy resistance 5 at 1st level, and increases to 10 at 3rd and 15 at 5th and 20 at 10th. Most choose Energy Resistance Fire

Armored Caster: Once entering the Va’Tari Darkguard prestige class, all members are taught how to cast spells in both light and medium armor without incurring arcane spell failure.

Dracoride: Beginning at 2nd level, when riding any sort of dragon a Va’Tari Darkguard can use his normal skill score even if he picked a nondraconic mount when he first picked the ride skill.

Item Creation Feat: A Va’Tari Darkenguard receives a single free item creation feat at 4th level

Mounted Caster: At 6th level, a Va’Tari Darkguard has become more at home on his mount, receiving a +10 concentration check when casting spells while mounted

Frightful Presence: At 7th level, the very sight of the mighty Va’Tari Darkguard strikes fear in the hearts of those around him. The ability takes effect automatically when a Va’Tari Darkguard attacks or charges. Creatures within a radius of 40 feet are subject to the effect if they have fewer HD then the character.
Creatures may resist with a successful will save (DC 10+1/3 class level +Charisma Modifier) Those that succeed on the save are immune to the characters frightful presence for a day. Those that fail whose HD is 4 or lower become panicked for 4d6 rounds while those with HD of 5 or higher become shaken for 4d6 rounds. Dragons are immune to this effect.

Infernal Touch: At 8th level, a Va’Tari Darkguard may chose a single ranged touch spell, imbuing it with dark, infernal energies. Half the damage the spell deals becomes “infernal” damage and cannot be resisted.

Gaze of Penitence: Beginning at 9th level, the gaze of the Va’Tari Darkguard is so foul and cruel that lesser men wither under it. A Va’Tari Darkguard may use this ability once per day plus his charisma bonus. Those that fall under this haze become paralyzed (Will save negates DC 10+1/2 character level+ Charisma Modifier). A Va’Tari Darkguard may use this ability on any within 40 feet, they need not have eye contact with him to use this ability

Fly By Attack: Any Dragon ridden by the Va’Tari Darkguard is treated as having the feat Fly By Attack.

One with Mount: At 10th level, a Va’Tari Darkguard no longer needs to make ride checks while on his chosen draconic mount. A Va’Tari Darkguard must choose his favored mount upon gaining 10th level.
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