The Darkness of Pogwydion
Outer Plane
Infinite size
Subjective Gravity
Normal Time
Strongly Neutral Aligned
Magicly Morphic
Normal Magic

The Dark Void: Most of the Plane is made up of the Dark Void, the area which the stats above are made for. It is a sort of quasi-liquid darkness, out of which the developed parts of the plane are dug from.

The Throne of Pogwydion: Thus far the only developed area of Pogwydion, this area is a good 10 miles in radius. A third of the area is a black, still mere, one third is a medium coniferous forest of unreally large trees, covered, like the rest of the area, with a foot deep crisp layer of snow that, when disturbed, will be back to normal 24 hours later. The rest of the area is a clearing, backed by a steep cliff and a jagged mountain, with bits of plant stalks poking through the snow; it is apparent that, if it wasn't eternally winter, the clearing would be a beautiful meadow. In the center of the snow-covered meadow is a huge Thrown of ebony, fitted for it's intended recipient, Gwyn chan 'r Gwyll. The sky is 100 feet above you, dotted with stars. The Throne itself gives the recipient powers over the plane, allowing him to see and hear anything happening there, if he or she so wishes, albeit faintly. As well, it can make certain concessions; for example, Gwyn always prefer to read messages from other gods, rather than have them transmitted mentally, and so the Throne enscribes the message on a great stylae, each one different in nature depending on the deity who sent it.
The lake, known as the Mirrormere, serves as a scrying pool for the person sitting on the Throne, showing everything that's happening on the Playground, and includes zooming, panning, and picture-in-picture.
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