And as a gift to his servants, the Consuming Shadow snuffed out the life of a dragon egg, but fed it with his own might of unlife, creating something new. And he sent this creature to the Playground, and during it's travel, the energy of the monster leaked, and plagued the world with a new race.

The Deadborn are a subspecies that can appear among any kind, they are shunned in almost all societies; they are considered a curse upon their family, but considered blessed by the Cults of the Consuming Shadow.

Lands of the Deadborn
The few Deadborn that find acceptance live with their parents, but suffer of prejudice. Most of them are abandoned after their births, and taken in the night by cults of Eul or by the claws of Nightwings, and taken to the Deadlands.

Deadborn look like their original race, but their skin is either ashen or pale white, and their eyes are dark with white pupils or milky white with dark pupils.

Deadborn are shunned by most living races, but treat each other as equals, in spite of their original species. Deadborn of the same base species can breed, giving birth to more of their kind, but deadborn of different species cannot breed (unless they such a mating would create a "half-" being).

Deadborn speak the languages of their parent races. Those who are taken by the Nightshades also learn to speak Necran.

Deadborn personality varies, depending on where they grow. They tend to be cruel and violent, however.

Deadborn raised by their parents have names fitting their races. Those raised among the Nightshades have names with strong intonations or dark meanings.

Creating a Deadborn

Deadborn is an inherited template which can be added to any living corporeal creature.

A Deadborn has all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

Size and Type:
The creature gains the Incarnum subtype. Size and type do not change.

Deadborn gain two claw attacks, if they have none already.
**Deadborn Size** Claw **Damage**
Fine -
Diminutive 1
Tiny 1d2
Small 1d3
Medium 1d4
Large 1d6
Huge 1d8
Gargantuan 2d6
Colossal 3d6

Special Qualities:
Deadborn keep all the special qualities of the base creature, and receive the following:

Fort Save Bonus
Deadborn receive a +6 bonus on fortitude saves against diseases and poisons, their half-undead anatomy is hard to affect with these substances.

Deadborn are immune to spells and effects that cause fatigue and cannot be exhausted, if an effect would make them exhausted, they become fatigued instead.
Deadborn are not disabled when at 0 hit points, and automatically become stable when between -1 and -9 hit points, they can take a single move or standard action each round (but no swift actions), and suffer a -5 penalty to AC, attack rolls, skill rolls, damage rolls and saves, and must make concentration checks to cast spells (DC 15+ spell level). They do not risk losing additional hit points due to these actions.

Immune to Massive Damage
Deadborn are immune to death by massive damage.

A deadborn is healed by negative energy and healed by positive energy. In addition, they may be turned or rebuked (but not destroyed or controled). They can take feats as if they had the Tomb-Tainted Soul feat.
Deadborn don't have to eat, breath or sleep, and are immune to sleep effects. They can't heal naturally, unless they rest for at least four hours inside an area charged with negative energy (Desecrated, Unhallowed or Negative Dominant). Deadborn spellcasters must still rest for eight hours to recover their spells. After reaching adulthood, they age at half the speed of their original race (double the age thresholds and max age dice roll).
Deadborn also use their Charisma modifier instead of their Constitution modifier on Concentration checks. They still use their constitution modifier on constitution checks, and to determine their bonus hit points each level.

Deadborn have negative energy spirits for souls. Standard Raise Dead, Ressurrection and even True Ressurrection spells can't revive them. Only Revive Undead, Limited Wish, Wish and Miracle can. Spells and effects that deal with negative energy treat the deadborn as if they were undead creatures (Desecrate, Unhallow, Energy Drain, etc). They are immune to death effects unless they can affect undead.

Turn Resistance
Deadborn have Turn Resistance +2.

Incarnum Talent
Deadborn have an innate essentia pool with 1 point, their strange nature makes these creatures adept at powering the art created by their dark father.

Light Sensitivity
Deadborn are creatures of darkness, they suffer a -2 penalty to all rolls while under natural sunlight on in the area of a Daylight spell.

Deadborn can see in complete darkness up to a range of 90 ft. This ability does not allow them see in magical darkness.

Same as base creature. Unlike actual undead, Deadborn keep their constitution scores.
Same as base creature.
Same as base creature. Deadborn can take feats as if they were undead, or if they require a "-" Con score.
Often Evil.
Level Adjustment:

Flameborn Deadborn (Ashborn)

Flameborn who are afflicted by the curse of undeath become creatures of dark flames and great malice. They receive the following change in addition to those normal to the template.

Spell-like abilities: The Ashborn loses Create Flames and Pyrotechnics, but gains Inflict Lesser Wounds and Desecrate, both at will.

Ashborn receive slam attacks instead of claw attacks. The damage remains the same as given in the above table.

Ashborn are not naturally psionic.

Favored Class: Cleric or Soulborn (chose one upon character creation, this choice cannot be changed afterwards)

Spiritfolk Deadborn (Wraithfolk)

Even comely spirits of nature like the spiritfolk are not free from the curse of undeath. Wraithfolk's racial abilities change and become fueled by negative energy, instead of radiance. They receive the following abilities and racial feats instead of the standard ones.

Touch of Shadows (Ex): Wraithfolk receive a single melee touch attack that saps the target's vitallity, dealing non-lethal damage equal to that of their living counterpart's Light Ray. Strenght modifier doe snot apply to this damage, this ability can be use din iterative attacks, but can't be dual-wielded. They do not receive claw attacks.

Consume Light (Su): A wraithfolk does not exude light, absorbing it instead. A wraithfolk reduces ambient light to shadowy illumination in a 15 ft. radius, or to darkness if it is already shadowy, two wraithfolk near each other don't stack this ablity. The radius of this ability increases to 30 ft. when the Wraithfolk is enraged.. This ability substitutes Inner Light.

Wrath of Eul (Su): When a wraithfolk dies his body explodes in a violent burst of negative energy, leaving nothing behind. This negative energy heals nearby undead in a radius of 5ft for 1d4+hd of the dying creature, and deals the same amount of damage to nearby living creatures. This ability substitutes Gift of Calypso.

Favored Class: Beguiler or Dread Necromancer (chose one upon character creation, this choice cannot be changed afterwards)

Racial Feats

Feats#ControlTheHunger Control the Hunger
Feats#HungeringDarkness Hungering Darkness
 Feats#DevourLight Devour Light
 Feats#ExtendedHungeringDarkness Hungering Darkness
 Feats#FieldOfEntropy Field of Entropy

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