Death’s Hunger

Death’s Hunger is a supernatural disease native to the Deadlands. Creatures infected by this terrible disease must feed twice as much as normal or suffer the effects of starvation plus 1d6 wisdom damage each day they do not eat sufficient food and fail a fortitude save again. A living creature reduced to Wisdom 0 or less by Death’s Hunger becomes a ghoul.

Death’s Hunger can affect undead, as long as the creature has an Inescapable Craving or is Diet Dependant (See these rules on Libris Mortis). Any creature that naturally has no need to eat or drink is immune to Death’s Hunger.

The fortitude save’s save DC for this disease is 20. Creatures infected by this disease can transmit it to other beings through bite attacks. In such a case, the save DC is equal to 10+ 1/2 the creature’s HD + con modifier (CHA for undead), or this DC, whichever is higher.

Any creature traveling through the Deadlands risks contracting this disease from the environment. Each day they remain in the area they must save against the base DC or contract the disease. Creatures in the Deadlands can’t make further saves once the disease is contracted, and it can’t be healed by any means short of Wish or Miracle for as long as they remain in the area. Once the afflicted creature leaves the Deadlands they can make their daily saves against the disease again, and it can be healed by magic like any disease.
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