Dirije, the Unseen
Played By shadowxknight
(DR:6, Evo2) Lesser Deity Sorcerer 7, Rogue 11, Assassin 10
Symbol: A black palm with a white, pupilless eye at the center
Home: Shadow of the Playground
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Domains: Trickery, Evil
Portfolio: Criminals
Favored Weapon: Shortsword
Avatar: -
Combat: Striker 21, Caster 7

Origin: As the fledgling races of the Playground began to gather and form communities, dissatisfied individuals of those races started to violate the laws of their communities. Other members of the community soon started to put down these individuals, and violating the law became harder and harder with the punishment becoming more severe as the years went by. Those who violate the law eventually became known as criminals, and those who are discovered are shunned by the rest of community. In order to survive these criminals must work in secrecy, and many began to pray to the gods to help them succeed while those who are caught pray for a light punishment. However none of the gods heeded the prayers of these criminals, and power of their prayers start to form shape in the Plane of Shadows. As the criminals' prayers grew increasingly more frequent and desperate, the shape grew larger. Soon it began to take the shape of a humanoid, and finally one day it opened its eyes. This being answered the prayers of criminals, and they call him Dirige, Patron of All Criminals.
Dogma: Dirige and his followers dislike laws imposed upon them. However once they willingly sign a contract, the conditions of the contract will be fulfilled barring any loopholes in wording.
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