Dla the Patient

Dla the Patient

Title(s):the Wrathful
Home Plane:The Void
Power Level:Lesser Deity(DR 8 Evo2)
Class:Druid 32
Alignment:Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio:Storms, Elves.
Begotten By:Xiua'hi
Played by Frigs

Dla is a simple and Peaceful God was a simple and peaceful god, until he created weather and all of it's madness. Now he is inconsistent and ever-changing

Holy Symbol: A Lightening Bolt
Favored Weapon: Staff
Worshipers: Philosophers, The caring, Long term-thinkers, Elves
Avatar: N/A
Artifacts: LighteningRod Lightening Rod, LeafMail Leaf-Mail.
Creations: Nightwolves
Important Followers: Eyiliz

Combat: CR=13
Divinity 32

Storms' Wrath{C}
Elves Patience{D}

Created by XiuaHi Xiua'hi when he infused divine ichor in the strongest elf's veins, being Dla.

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