Goblin Domain

Domain power: +10 base land speed while in combat. Once per day, you may sacrifice your land speed bonus for 24 hours to give a +10 untyped speed bonus to allies within a 15 foot radius (centered on caster), with a duration of 1d10 + 1/2 cleric level rounds.

Domain Spells
1. Expeditious Retreat - increase base land speed 30 ft.
2. Invisibility - invisibility
3. Blink - 50% miss chance or Magic Vestment - +1 AC to armor, enhancement (please comment on which is better/more appropriate)
4. Greater Invisibility - invisibility allowing attacks
5. Death Ward - immunity to death affects, energy drain, negative energy effects
6. Word of Recall - spoken word teleports to predetermined sanctuary
7. Refuge - specially prepared object is broke, word brings owner to your abode
8. Moment of Prescience - insight bonus to single attack, check, or save
9. Mass Contingent Recall - a brief contingency description, which will apply to everyone affected, is given, and once activated for any individual will bring that individual to the predetermined sanctuary (1 or more creatures, no two of which can be more than 30 feet apart, casting range: close)
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