Created by GwynChanRGwyll Gwyn chan 'r Gwyll

Gwyn chan 'r Gwyll was attempting to create a perfect race, a race in his own image, when one of the dragons that the Invader Deity Longlimb left behind decided to interfere. The foul dragon was drawn into the creation, disrupting and almost destroying it. The dragon was killed, but a part of its essence tainted the newborn race.

Personality: Doppelgangers are often bitter creatures, stubborn, curious, and secretive to the bone. They are very untrusting, preferring their own company to others.

Physical Description: Doppelgangers look like skinny humanoids, with their pale grey-blue flesh stretched thin over their bones and muscles, and their face elongated, with pearly white to gray draconic eyes, though they can, of course, take almost any humanoid form. Their skin may look very sensitive, but it is actually quite resilient almost to the point that they can feel nothing. Doppelgangers may be able to feel little, but they possess a keen sense of smell and exceptional eyesight.

Relations: Doppelgangers, while not openly hostile towards any other race, certainly are not friendly towards them. Other races are suspicious and distrustful of the abilities a doppelganger possesses, and the doppelgangers are distrustful in return.

Alignment: Usually True Neutral, though often Neutral Evil.

Doppleganger Lands: Doppelgangers have no land of their own, scattered throughout urbanized regions across the world.

Religion: Many Doppelgangers still curse their creator, Gwyn, for his miserable failure during their creation, believing their poor lot in life to be his fault rather than due to their own actions. Others have reconciled with him, and pray to him, but the vast majority simply worship the local deities of their region.

Language: Doppelgangers speak Common, and the language of the region they live in.

Names: Doppelgangers are named in the naming traditions of their host culture.

Adventurers: Doppelgangers adventure for the same reasons the races of their host culture adventure. Having been raised in secret amidst another race, doppelganger will typically pick up some of the traits of that race, such as their views on adventuring.

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