Created by Kaern Kaern

Kaern created the dwarves as survivors, and as defenders of the Playground. They do not live underground to hide from the sun, or for easy access to minerals, but because it's easily defensible.

Personality: Dwarves tend towards bluntness in their speech - but as a consequence, it's pretty hard to offend a dwarf if you're speaking the truth. Dwarves also tend towards introspection and careful thought.

Physical Description: Dwarves are short and stocky, fairly ugly... and utterly hairless. Instead, fine whorled lines of black stone cover their skin from head to toe, making them appear a mottled grey color - their skin is usually quite pale. Being a natural part of their bodies, the stone doesn't impede their movement, but it's too brittle to stop a blow.

Relations: Dwarves have only had minor interactions with the other races, as yet. Their diplomatic policy could be described as "Detached politeness until the other party demonstrates their intentions one way or the other." Dwarves are also city builders, and many other races settle in the safety their cities and seek good relations them.

Alignment: Dwarves tend to be lawful.

Dwarven Lands: Dwarves are cave dwellers. As the technology to mine becomes available, they will start to dig out more typical dwarven tunnel systems.

Religion: Kaern's work is plainly marked on their skin, so of course his worship is very popular. However, they live in intimate proximity with Xiua'hi's domain, stone and metal and gems, so his worship is popular as well.

Language: Dwarves speak Dwarvish. Once somebody comes up with common, they'll learn that too.

Names: Dwarven names tend to sound Celtic, and they do not currently use surnames. Aithne, Briac, Caradoc, Dunn, Farrell, Gower, Imogen, Keir, Lann, Maura, Newlyn, Perth, Raelin, Saraid, Tor, Weylin.


Dwarf Racial Traits
Dwarves possess the following traits:


High Dwarves

Created by Lossethir

Kaern created the dwarves to survive, Lossethir recreated them to thrive. They live primarily in the far northern reaches of Ramua, having built a vast kingdom in the name of the Winter Lord. High Dwarves aren't "high" in the same sense as the arrogant "High" Elves. Rather, they use the term to refer to the altitudes and latitudes at which they live, both being much higher up than the average dwarf folk.

Personality: High Dwarves are loud, boisterous, and love a good, stiff drink and a hearty joke. They are storytellers and braggarts, always exaggerating their own deeds as well as the deeds of others; however, do not think this makes them liars. The stories they tell are embellished for entertainment while drinking, but they despise outright lies and false dealings. They also revel in playful insults and good natured ribbing. The High Dwarves are fierce fighters and skilled warriors. They love a good brawl almost as much as the alcohol they brew, though they understand the time and place for such altercations.

Physical Description: High Dwarves are short and stocky, and bald except for fine, white beards which they spend endless hours grooming and braiding (the high dwarf women usually shave their beards, though not all do). Fine whorled lines of marble white stone cover their skin from head to toe, making their otherwise pale skin shimmer slightly in the light. Being a natural part of their bodies, the stone doesn't impede their movement, but it's too brittle to stop a blow.

Relations: High Dwarves love to laugh, and they're willing to have a drink with anyone who wants to join them. They are quick to laugh but slow to trust. The harsh winters of the far north have made them wary of outsiders who would take advantage of them, but they're willing to give almost anyone a single chance. Should a High Dwarf ever be betrayed, he and his kin can hold a grudge against the offender for generations. They high dwarves despise undead, particularly those chilly undead created by Geltagar.

Alignment: High Dwarves tend to be Chaotic, always looking to have fun, but they also tend towards Good.

High Dwarven Lands: High Dwarves live in the far north of Ramua, primarily within the dwarven city of Frosthold, though they have towns and outposts throughour the Iceback Mountains. Recently, they have expanded their kingdom, through a fairly peaceful acquisition, to include the northern part of the Central Plain, including the City of Glasken. This has caused some political unrest in the region, but open hostility and some resistance are only beginning to become evident.

Religion: Lossethir, the Winter Lord, is the prime deity of all High Dwarves, though most also revere Kaern, the father of all dwarves. They praise the Valkyries for their combat prowess, with many High Dwarf women acting as warrior priestesses in service of them. They pay respect to the rest of the Amensian pantheon as well, though they tend to dislike Klik'chak and the Emissary of Sand due to their hot and alien nature.

Language: High Dwarves speak Dwarvish and Common.

Names: High Dwarven names tend to sound Russian.

High Dwarf Racial Traits
Dwarves possess the following traits:

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