Title(s):He Whose Passion Lights the World; Bright One; Radiant Bastard; Lumourne
Home Plane:The Solar Eternity
Power Level:Greater Deity (DR 19; Evo 4; AP 10/week)
Class:Barbarian 30/Frenzied Berserker 10/Ur-Mage 14
Alignment:Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio:The Day, Inspiration, Surreality, Illumination, Metamorphosis, Anarchy
Domains:Sun, Passion, Dreams, Light, Alchemy, Liberation, Chaos
Begotten By:Enigma
Begot:Gliss, Avlara, Corilok/Tasvar/Silivor
Reflections of the Sundered Lord
By Maerok

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By Maerok

Played by Maerok

Few gods have embraced the nature of Chaos, and Elimanishon wishes to make up for that disappointing void. He views the Sun as a symbol of passion, which is composed of vice and virtue. He has little interest in which of these two directions is correct - Good or Evil - but proposes that it is having either that will make mortals greater than just the elements they were cast from. He especially fears this with the elves who were made from obsidian. Elimanishon also wishes to see the gods of the Playground cast off the petty notion of Balance and indulge in true Chaos, which he believes he might find when Varr arrives. His most frustrating peers are Xiua and Evadize.

His current endeavors are distilling the raw essence of the Creator into a work called Perfect Chaos and enacting on his father's call to quell the heretics among the mortals. He pursues the Alchemy and Mind domains as his existence begins to delve into ever more primal states. However, Elimanishon has recently begun to take his original charge, the Sun, more seriously.

Holy Symbol: The Sun
Favored Weapon: Sunshard (+5 anarchic, flaming burst, vicious alchemicalGlass glass(silver) morning star)
Worshipers: The impassioned; Sunfire Citadel; chaotic outsiders; anarchists; dreamwalkers
Battle Artifacts: Two swords, two shields
Special Avatars: None
Artifacts: ApexMantle Apex Mantle (utility), MasterRodofWonder Master Rod of Wonder (utility), Paranoia Engine (utility)
Creations: Demons, glass, alchemy, architecture, enhancements to the Sun, angels, slaadi, paladin (Osric), ur-mages and emulators (Xam), golems (Coberal), the Solar Eternity, the Dream Rift, dreamwalkers, Masters of Masks, Sovereign Alchemists, dream ore
Important Followers:
CR = DR (19) + 1/5 BAB (9) = +28
+2 from artifacts

Warrior 30, Caster 14 (BAB 47)

DCMs (5 from Greater Deity; 4 from Warrior Levels):
Radiant Fury {C}: Focuses the rage of the Sun into an already unstable deity.
Rally the Divine {A}: Channels the Sun to empower divine combat and morale.
Battle Cry {A}: Invokes divine fury among even the most passive of gods.
Hatred (Authority) {H}: The sun god defies the will of those who hold authority over others.
Hatred (Authority) {H}: The sun god defies the will of those who hold authority over others.

Hatred (Authority) {H}: The sun god defies the will of those who hold authority over others.
Echo Strike {C}: Elimanishon does not abide by the laws of reality; with enough effort, he can attack from different points in time.
Unbearable Radiance {C}: He is a master of focusing energy, whether it be the heat of the sun or his furious soul.
Sun Crusher {C}: Elimanishon commands the power of black holes.

Solar Eternity {Home}: Elimanishon can direct the flow of this planar tornado at a whim.

The anger Enigma cast forth into the world sparked up the sun, and with the Sun came the lesser deity Elimanishon. He knows no middle ground, his ways are at the ends of any spectrum.

Relations with Other Gods:
=In no particular order within a category, but grouped by similar relations or status=
There are also random fits where he may be more or less inviting to others.

Current Pantheon: With Asherah; also, Dirije, the Destroyer, the Dread Six, and others

Helpful Friendly Indifferent Unfriendly It's Complicated
* = Haven't met, but ideologically opposed

Elimanishon's major center of power in the Playground is the SunfireCitadel Sunfire Hearth.

Elimanishon has the Temple of the Sun at the closest point on the sun to the Playground; most of his followers have not been there but it is his original seat of power. Below, the Sunfire Hearth is the most direct focal point of his religious sects. There is no organized central Church as each set of followers has their own extremes to uphold and do so with little infighting. Each group is fairly egalitarian with no distinction among leaders unless one has actually been directly influenced by Elimanishon.

Aside from sects, individual worship is most popular though it is a hidden act in civilized centers. His clergy embrace the concept of chaos and revelry. Those enlisted on the battlefields fall into the roar of battle and serve as the fiercest warriors. Worship of the Bright One entails a certain level of madness; it is not an altogether malignant or foreign madness like that of Purgameth but a release of self and the acceptance of bacchanalic fervor. One does not fully come to worship Elimanishon unless they would give their life in the heat of the moment. He delights in theatrics and witnesses acts of passionate with unwavering focus; he was rather taken aback by the Emissary's rescue of Fiona and feels rather obliged to see him through the consequences of his actions. The existence of any large following of his in a civilized area is very detrimental. Zealots, revolutionaries, anarchists, madmen, and those who live with a primal soul are his most loyal worshippers.

There are also those who worship Elimanishon in their sleep. The Lord-of-Dreams-To-Be can exert his influence over unconscious minds or one might find oneself in the whirling excesses of the Solar Eternity. These temporary puppets are known as the dreamwalkers.

It is interesting to note that many of his creations - the demons, the angels, the slaadi, and Atrocity - come from mortal hosts; his worship and influence is infectious and often spawns new machinations of chaos from old as the Sun would be renewed each morning. He believes he can release the greatest potential from mortals, but not much will be left of its origins.

In his final form, Elimanishon has chosen to take the glorious form of a elf carved from pure light. He wears highly ornate robes that advertise his power and are in stark contrast to his usual unceremonious conduct. The Master Rod of Wonder never leaves his side. Elimanishon also wears a pair of opaque goggles around his neck. Under his robes, he has two artifact swords strapped to his arms and two strategically placed shields on his chest and back.

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