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Before the sun shone in the sky, and perpetual dusk draped the land, the Elves were born. Their skin, dark as obsidian, shone in the pale starlight, their eyes perfectly suited to the darkness. But with the sun, they fled to the mountainous caverns of Ramua, venturing out only during the night. Over time, their eyes became accustomed to the brighter light, and they began to venture south into the forests.

Personality: Elves are strong willed survivors, having been made in the first throes of life of the world, seeing the deaths of their kindred, the forming of the wastelands and deserts, and the very creation of the heavenly bodies. Such adversity has given them a strong sense of family and life, and how to shape their home to support any sort of struggle, no matter if it is from a mortal source of a divine one.

Physical Description: Elves have dark brown to jet black skin, almost lustrous in its shine. Their eyes vary greatly, from almost a white/pearl hue to the deepest of oranges and amethyst. Their hair color varies from an off white to a golden blond. Elves stand tall, the average standing at 6ft., and are muscled to weather physical hardship.

Relations: Elves are prideful, believing themselves to be the perfect race and the rightful heirs of the world. To them, all other races are interlopers and usurpers. While they get along decently with the Aegar who share their mountains, they much prefer the company of the Spiritfolk, giving birth to the race of Half-Elves through them. They mostly ignore other races, thinking them not worth their precious time. They detest the Half-Elves for their arrogant defiance, and border skirmishes between the two are frequent.

Alignment: Elves lean toward chaos, and are more often good than not.

Elven Lands: Elves inhabit primarily the central mountains of Ramua and the eastern parts of the Western Wood, though they claim the whole world as their rightful home and can be found scattered throughout the lands. They tend to avoid extreme climes, such as deserts and the frozen lands of the north.

Religion: Elves worship Dla, the first born Elf who ascended to godhood to intercede on their behalf amongst the other gods. They have no organized religion as most races know it, rather they give Dla reverence through their daily lives and a druidic mastery of the lands, despite a distinct hatred for the Nature god, Evadize, the chief god among of the races with which they actually associate.

Language: Elves speak Elven and often learn the languages of the Sacred Glade as well. Some Elves have learned the language of their bastard children, though this is more of necessity than any true desire.

Names: Elven names are usually long, flowing, and hard to pronounce. An elf does this primarily because he enjoys being able to claim a glorious name which the "lesser races" can't properly say. He still gets irritated when a non-elf mispronounces it.

Adventurers: Elves adventure primarily because they believe that everything belongs to them and have a desire to see all that they "own." Others adventure because living for several centuries becomes boring, and they crave change and risk. A few adventure to spread the worship of Dla amongst the lesser races, though other elves see these are terribly misguided.

Elf Racial Traits
Elves possess the following traits:

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