Title(s):The Burning Question
Home Plane:The Burning Void
Power Level:Lesser Deity(DR 10, Evo 2)
Class:Cleric 20/Psion(Kineticist) 12
Alignment:True Neutral
Portfolio:Destructive Knowledge
Begotten By:N/A
Begot:Elimanishon, Fiona Ingite, Magnus the Warlord
Enigma, Breaking Chains
Played by Tialait

Enigma was created when a question was forbidden to be spoken. He always calls out to be invoked when he shouldn't be.

Holy Symbol: A burning question mark
Favored Weapon: Stern Question (Battle Axe)
Worshipers: Flameborn
Avatar: Elder Fire Elemental
Artifacts: N/A
Creations: TheBurningVoid The Burning Void, Elimanishon the Sun, Flameborn
Important Followers: FionaIngite Fiona Ingite

Combat: Divinty 20, Caster 12
General Description/overview/birth
Enigma is a puzzle, he was first created when Xam questioned himself in a way the universe could not handle. He never understood himself, slowly Enigma realized the power of Fire was very destructive. Enigma retreated into a prison of his own design, his own burning plane. The fire God never really saw himself as helpful to the playground, not wanting to do undo harm Enigma saw that his own uncaring ways would do more harm. This was confusing, by either speaking or ignoring the world he would do harm. Enigma still thinks of the questions of the universe, he crys out to be asked for help. Enigma waits in his burning existence. Enigma BURNS.

Relations with other gods/accomplishments:
Enigma has only one true ally, his brother Xiau'Hi. In his quest to remove himself from the world, he has created many things. Enigma's first creation of note is the sun created from the Rage he wished to purge from himself to protect the world from it. Another creation he was responsible for, he thought it would help the world, was the flameborn. Enigma has two children, Eli and Magnus. Both of his children are considered by many to be insane, power hungry, and flighty. Enigma decided if he was to do good on the playground, and protect it from himself. He could not send children of his own. In this he created Fiona, Goddess of the Flameborn. She was his favored. Other things he has created were not so much 'created' but expressions of his needs and wants. These include the Volcanoes, Blackwater, The Seasons, and The Burning Void.

Dogma: Enigma, even with not caring about the world, does have suggestions. Given forth from his few clerics in the world. Most peaple do follow the tenants of his church. There is only truly one rule: If a question arises in your mind, destroy it with your full fury.

Clergy/Temples etc: There is only one known temple of Enigma, it was created by Enigma himself located on the largest volcano in the chain of volcanoes. It is a huge formation of volcanic rock and has the high priest of Enigma stuck in one of the walls.

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