Title(s):The Great Princess, The Virtuous Bride
Home:City of Akkade, Playground
Power Level:Demigod(DR 4, Evo 1)
Class:Wizard (Enchanter) 24
Alignment:Neutral Good
Domains:Love, Charm, Secrets
Begotten By:Klik'chak
Eryllin, the Great Princess
Eryllin, the Great Princess
Played by Rizban

Eryllin, the Great Princess, is a beautiful and alluring woman of an astoundingly pious nature. She is secretly the goddess Asherah, though none but herself and one or two of her closest divine allies know of this. To everyone else, including the gods, Eryllin and Asherah are different beings, many gods do not even know Asherah exists, having never met nor heard word of her. The guise of Eryllin was devised by Asherah as a way to mask her identity and to work her schemes unsuspected. Unexpectedly, a demigod known as Osric managed to overcome her defenses and "rescue" her from her prison. This has forced Asherah to play Eryllin in a public setting, an feat she had not wanted to attempt.

Having been revealed as a goddess, the aspect of Eryllin has invariably drawn the worship of mortals. While Asherah finds this somewhat distasteful, she has realized that the power she gleans from the prayers directed towards Eryllin is worth the effort of maintaining the ruse by granting a few spells each day. Eryllin is revered as the goddess of love and grace, but she is also revered as a keeper of secrets, for a virtuous woman does not gossip. The keeper of secrets aspect is not a guise as all. By not gossiping or slandering as Eryllin or Asherah, she is able to gain access to useful information which she can twist to her own ends.

Holy Symbol: A six point star burst held aloft by a winged scarab. Asherah uses the same symbol to represent herself as herself as well as Eryllin. She finds that this allows her evil followers to more easily masquerade as practitioners of virtue.
Favored Weapon: Scimitar
Worshipers: Lovers, maidens, poets
Avatar: N/A
Artifacts: N/A
Creations: N/A
Important Followers: N/A

Combat: Caster 24

Origins: Eryllin was created by Asherah as a mask but has grown to almost have a life of her own.

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