Eul, The Consuming Shadow


Title(s):Lord of Those-Who-Walk-Twice, Deadfather, The Shade in the Night, Serpent of the Blighted Lands, The Lord in the Dark, The Soulrender
Home Plane:The Dark Home
Power Level:Overdeity(DR 21, Evo 4)
Class:Wizard 12 / Cleric 10 / Dread Hierarch 10 / Incarnate 10 / Swordsage 14
Alignment:Neutral Evil
Portfolio:Decadence, The Undead, Incarnum, Dark Arts, Cataclysm
Domains:Entropy, Undeath, Incarnum, Evil, Necromancy, Fire
Begotten By:None
Begot:Dirije, The Dread Six, Varghan, Akraelak
The Shade in the Night and the Wraiths of the Dark Home
Played by Draken

At the dawn of creation, along with Xam, a being of creativity, appeared Eul, a thing of entropy.

Holy Symbol: A black disk
Favored Weapon: Bleakness (Halberd)
Worshipers: Deadborn, Cults of Undeath, Intelligent Undead, Necromancer Necromancers, Evil Incarnum users, Haradar (kind of)
Avatar: A nightshade
Artifacts: N/A
Creations: Undead, Deadborn, Incarnum (Incarnate Incarnates, Soulborn Soulborns), the Deadlands, TheDarkHomeofEul The Dark Home of Eul, IncarnumDragon Incarnum Dragons, IncarnumWraith Incarnum Wraiths, TemplateLost Lost Ones, Dread Necromancers, Beguiler Beguilers, IncarnumSoulstorms Soulstorms.
Important Followers: Saaira Saaira No'aldar (deseased, age); Skyblight, TheKingoftheNight The King of the Night, Orthos.

Combat: Caster Level 12, Divinity Level 30, Striker 14
Origins: When the Creator made Xam and the world, he had failed in that task a few times, these cast-off bits of failed creations coalesced together, moved by a dark will, most of it became the plane known as the Shadow of the Playground. But some of it, the darkest and the foulest bits became the empty shadow that would be known as Eul.

Eul is the nightmare that lurks in the darkness of the world since the beggining of times. The first death was his doing, and he plagued the world with hosts of undead ever since, including the horrid blessing that are the deadborn. Eul created Incarnum in this world, and the art is fueled mainly by the power of souls that sleep in his Dark Home. He also plagued the world with yugoloth fiends.

Eul initially looked like a gathering of broken parts bubbling in a pool of flowing entropy, he was a mass of failed attempts at creating gods, but he cast away this shape as soon as he was able to sate his hunger from a living being and pour his darkness into it, he changed into an impossibly long serpentine being with a human torso and head, and batlike wings, he has small horns and a stinger in his tail, Eul's entire form is pitch black, darker than darkness itself some say, pierced only by a pair of blue flaming dots that mark his eyes. This dark skin, at times, under his will, ruptures to reveal bottonless maws of darkness, or worse, to reveal the withered, skeletal face whoever he is speaking to.

Eul talks in a calm, disdainful way, his voice is intimidating, a thundering whisper echoing in the mind. No matter how enraged and hateful, Eul never shows emotion, keeping it to himself. He hardly ever seeks other deities, waiting for them to go to him for their own, petty reasons, and due to this behaviour, he is prone to long fits of inactivity, after which he wakes empowered to spew his blight upon the world and the followers of his enemies.

Throught the eons, the Dark Lord in the Dark has been responsible for many of the greatest horrors of the world. Undead rose and marched by his will, nightmares haunted the darkness, and fiends of the worst lot spawned from his will.

Among his first deeds, Eul killed and devoured an elf, trying to sate his hunger, in a vain attempt, the small creature was not enough, which enrage his still primitive, feral mind, causing him to raise the creature as the first ghoul. Later on, Eul killed and devoured an entire region of the continent that would be known as Ramua, and created the first Deadlands.

From the beggining, all souls of the dead went to Eul, who turned then into wraiths, spirits of negative energy. With the birth of other deities, these started to gather souls to themselves, but none of these spited Eul as much as when Klik'chak created the artifact know as the Veil of Souls and the plane of Amensi. This act stole Eul of a massive amount of souls from the playground, and earned the desert god Eul's eternal, silent wrath. When Klik'chak directly entered the Dark Home and stole yet another numberless amount of souls, Eul decided to breath life into the gears of history and force the dead to march, not walk.

On more recent events during these marchs, Eul commanded his followers in the Evad islands to spy on the living nations in the islands. Which led Amalthea to declare war on the undead, the older god laughs at the younger's petty efort, because all in his eyes, all they have is faith, where the undead are both superior of power and numbers, and breaking faith is what they do best.

Eul demands all of his living followers to, first and foremost, feed his hunger, this is done mainly by ritually sacrificing sentient beings, sending their souls spirraling into the Dark Home. This practice is rare out of his own cult, but Eul accepts sacrifices from anyone willing to offer, and he bestows gifts in exchange for these.

Second of all, Eul demands the undead to spread, to kill and to make spawn, and his living followers to try to come closer into a state of undeath, if not turning undead entirelly. All undead and deadborn are innately attracted to the worship of Eul, the Deadfather. All undead are part of Eul, they are family, they are brothers in death, no matter what they were in life.

Lastly, Eul demands his followers to vent the rage he does not allow himself to. He demands the lives of all who would follow Klik'chak, Amalthea and Xam first, and those of all other living things second. Deathless are to be destroyed on sight, and the reborn are to be sacrificed to Eul whenever discovered. Such sacrifices are greatly favored by him.

Dread Hierarchs are the highest ranked living and deadborn followers of Eul, but no matter how powerful the paladin or cleric, at the top of the church are the nightshades, the Angels of Decay and other powerful, terrible things that start existing as undead. All clerics of Eul must respect these terrible beings as heralds and avatars of the god himself.
That said, the clergy is formed mainly of clerics and incarnates, but dread necromancers are members of the church as well. Paladins and Soulborn of Eul are prized champions of the faith, zealots among zealots.

Eul's relationships with other deities are fairly simple. He hates them, or he doesn't.
That said, Eul despises Xam, Klik'chak, Amalthea and Osric, and wants nothing less than to rip out their divine essense with his own teeth. He sees Dalam, Asherah and the Six as younglings with potential, but to brash and disrespectful to be useful without proper breaking. Xiua, Kaern, Evadize and Enigma, Coberal and Elimanishon are distant family, and Eul would be pleased like never before if they turned their backs on Xam and took on undeath's mantle. But the dark god is patient, he has eternity to wait. Fiona, the Destroyer, Purgameth and Dirije are distasteful to him, and the newly raised Emissary of Sand, stinking of Klik'chak, is like a beacon to the dark lord's rage. Eul holds no love for Gliss and Lossethir, and expects nothing more than that from either and their daughers. Haras and Ooulzoth are possibly his only, if loose, allies.
Eul had no interaction with other deities besides these, and remains indifferent to them. The exception being the late invader gods, which he doesn't care in the least, with the exception of Luffen, who earned Eul's ire by enslaving undead, and the one known as Sage of Swords, for his seeming lack of respect towards the ancient god.

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