Title(s):The Gifted Student
Home Plane:Coirae, Realm of Harmonious Vigor
Power Level:Lesser Deity(DR 9, Evo 2)
Class:Druid 34
Alignment:Neutral Good
Domains:Animal, Plant, Life
Begotten By:Xiua'hi
Played by Faithless

Sensitive and stern Evadize, the God of nature, gives no leeway when watching over his divine mandate of protecting nature. His daughter Calypso lives within the Sacred Glade on Playground, ensuring that the mortals respect the forests and enforcing respect for all life. His teachings are widely spread, at almost all mortals have heard his name, though the teachings hold little sway outside the Sacred Glade. While his followers tend to be completely devoted to him, those outside the Western Wood of Ramua have little respect for him. Being relegated to such a menial status irritates and frustrates Evadize, who constantly tries to assert himself over the other gods and their followers in attempts to gain the respect he believes himself to deserve.

Holy Symbol: A dew covered leaf
Favored Weapon: Club
Avatar: None
Artifacts: None
Creations: Agriculture, Spiritfolk, Aegar, Calypso, Lyrius, Ents, Mucinid, Chiro, Coirae

Combat: Divinity 34
Origins: Evadize was once the oldest tree in the playground that was given the divine spark of godhood by Xiua'hi to balance the unholy destruction of the wastelands.

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