Fields of Elysion

Fields of Elysion

Creator: Amalthea
Traits:Objective Directional Gravity
Finite Shape
Erratic Time
Divinely Morphic
Positive Dominant
Strongly Good Aligned
Enhanced magic
Home to: Amalthea

The Fields of Elysion is the layer within the Positive Energy plane that Amalthea has declared as her realm, and made it her home and that of the Heavenly Host. The Field itself is the size of a massive floating continent, with rolling plains and fields full of lush greenery. In the center of Elysion is Heaven's Citadel, a beyond colossal version of the main temple in Cornu Copiae, and on the citadel's tallest tower which protrudes into the sky, rests Amalthea in her Iron Maiden. There is no sun in Elysion, it is in twilight. The only light is produced by the image of the Material Plane which would give a person the impression that Elysion is orbiting around the Playground. Amalthea often wills the Fields to rotate, which means that at one point the world may dominate the skies of Elysion, and then it may face towards the stars of the universe which is a breathtaking view.

The effects of arriving in Elysion may result in diffrent outcomes. While everyone who arrives on this plane finds that all thier ailments are cured, creatures of good alignment will find themselves invigorated, while evil creatures will find this place unbearable.

Elysion is an area of minor positive energy in order to allow creatures such as the angels to live there with ease. This means that Elysion is a riotous explosion of life in all its forms. Colors are brighter, fires are hotter, noises are louder, and sensations are more intense as a result of the positive energy swirling through the plane. All individuals in a positive-dominant plane gain fast healing 2 as an extraordinary ability. However, if a creature is to leave the region of Elysion, it will soon reach the region of major positive energy, which is considered a dangerous area in comparrison to Elysion. A creature who wanders into the major positive energy area must make a DC 15 Fortitude save to avoid being blinded for 10 rounds by the brilliance of the surroundings. Simply being on the plane grants fast healing 5 as an extraordinary ability. In addition, those at full hit points gain 5 additional temporary hit points per round. These temporary hit points fade 1d20 rounds after the creature leaves the major positive-dominant plane. However, a creature must make a DC 20 Fortitude save each round that its temporary hit points exceed its normal hit point total. Failing the saving throw results in the creature exploding in a riot of energy, killing it.

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