Fiona Ingite

Fiona Ingite
Enigma seeing the arrival of the last ally held out his hands to a fiery flameborn who's flames glowed red and blue as she stepped forward and bowed to the council of Deities. "I am Fiona Ingite, of the Lesser Tribe Flamestead. I am honored to be called before you to speak the Great Fire Lord’s case." She held out her hand with flame in it which forms into a question mark.

"Our Great Creator Enigma has decided the war that you of Divinity have prepared for needs a centering being. The flame lord will not lead; he has confided in me. Instead, he will offer upon all of you, including his own father Xam the wondrous, and his Uncle the Great Eul, twice walking, a list of things that MUST be done. If not, defeat is certain.

Each flameborn has been informed of the war coming. If we fail, this playground will no longer burn with the flames of curiosity, or life. It will burn with the flames of death, and destruction. So, I have been asked, along with my tribe, to act as messenger of the great Enigma. Please, assist his plan, flawed as it might be, it is better then each deity working on their own." With that the flaming question mark burst forward and etched a list onto the wall of the tallest building of the great fortress city.
Fiona Ingite on a bad day

  1. Create a Neigh Indestructible Fortress, a place to take a last stand.
  2. Create Transport to every part of the world, no matter where you are.
  3. Find various ways to walk the world itself.
  4. Create weapons to destroy the Invaders.
  5. Get more information about the Invaders.

Servant of Enigma

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