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Born as a celebration of the god Enimga. They have little purpose in life, at first restrained to the Burning Void they soon were forced to travel to the World itself. Enigma showing no care for them.

Personality: Flameborn are emotional beings, they will in the same statement show disdain, rage, and love. They live with passion and show it with everything that do. Flameborn do everything fully and completely.

Physical Description: Flameborn have ebony skin with small crack like parts all over their bodies, this allows for their inner flame to flare outward. There eyes show as much fire. They stand between 6'2 and 6'5 with females shorter then males by only a few inches. Flameborn never age, few of them die. They show no aging effects but each wound on them produces another crack to flare there innerflame.

Relations: Flameborn have not really met many other creatures like themselves. They think they are the only creatures of the world who can feel. but as they meet others it can be expected they will show hot tempers and loads of passion that could be misinterpreted as acts of hostility.

Alignment: Flameborn tent toward chaotic alignments. As they have passion that does not allow for the great law of things.

Flameborn Lands: The flameborn live primarily on the fire mountains in the oceans. Near the Black Water blight. As they do not need food or water, the smoke and fire of the fire mountains serve them well. Some have made it as far as the many Desserts that dot the landscape of the World.

Lesser Elemental Type

Features: A lesser elemental has the following features.

  • A lesser elemental derives its Hit Dice, base attack
    bonus progression, saving throws, and skill points
    from the class it selects.

Traits: A lesser elemental possesses the following traits
(unless otherwise noted in a creature’s entry).

  • Immunity to poison, sleep effects, paralysis, and stunning.
  • Light Fortification (Ex): When a critical hit or sneak
    attack is scored on a lesser elemental, there is a 25%
    chance that the critical hit or sneak attack is negated
    and damage is instead rolled normally.
  • Unlike most other living creatures, a lesser elemental does
    not have a dual nature—its soul and body form one unit.
    When a lesser elemental is slain, no soul is set loose.
    Spells that restore souls to their bodies, such as raise
    dead, reincarnate, and resurrection, don’t work on a
    lesser elemental. It takes a different magical effect, such
    as limited wish, wish, miracle, or true resurrection, to
    restore it to life.
  • Lesser elementals do not eat, sleep, or breathe.
Religion: Flameborn do not worship, they see no reason to. If a God could love them, it could just as quick take fury upon them. They take the outlook that if they leave the Deities alone much the same will happen to them.

Language: Flameborn have the elemental language of Ignian to pull their dialect from.

Names: Flameborn names often times are the same names for other things around them or variations on the words 'Question' 'Fire' or 'Emotion' Examples are : Enigma, Quantry, Inferno, Flame, Rapturous, Vent.


Flameborn Racial Traits
Flameborn possess the following traits:


Ashborn (Deadborn Flameborn)

Flameborn who are afflicted by the curse of undeath become creatures of dark flames and great malice. The following is the complete changes from the Deadborn template as well as the special considerations from becoming Ashborn.

Ashborn Racial Traits
Ashborn possess the following traits:


The Duneborn are the descendants of Fiona Ingite and the flameborn who became the Emissary of Sand, naturally taking on the divinely altered traits of their father. Unlike the ashborn, the Duneborn do not have an inherited template.

Personality: Duneborn are generally stoics, keeping the burning emotions of their flameborn heritage under strict control. Though they are quite capable of fervent actions that would put even the most passionate flameborn to shame. Most duneborn prefer to travel the deserts, enjoying their natural beauty and seeking to preserve it against those that would despoil it. Many duneborn, however, have joined their father, the Emissary of Sand, becoming completely consumed with the drive to eradicate undead from the world.

Physical Description: Duneborn appear exactly as flameborn, except that instead of burning flame, only dry heat escapes, causing the air around them to shimmer. Where they walk, a few grains of sand can always be found, as it seems to flake from the cracks in their bodies. Some people even believe that deserts exist as a result of too many duneborn living in one area for too long.

Relations: Despite their differences, duneborn get along exceptionally well with the flameborn; however, there is some tension between the two. Duneborn despise the ashborn while the flameborn accept them gladly, which is the source of most of the tension. The Children of Sand know that any Duneborn they meet is a friend and ally, for the Children and the Duneborn are of a single mind when it comes to the desert. Duneborn get along well with all the followers of Klik'chak as well as those of most other good and neutral aligned deities, but most Duneborn are sworn to destroy the plague that is undeath and despise anyone who meddles in such affairs, regardless of race or affiliation.

Alignment: Usually lawful neutral or lawful good. Never chaotic and rarely evil.

Duneborn Lands: Duneborn live primarily within the Desert of Teerp but some can be found throughout the continent of Ramua and a rare few in the desert of Da'chtiksa-luk. Generally one or two can be found anywhere a major desert exists. They seldom have permanent residences, preferring to live as nomads wandering the wastes.

Religion: Duneborn worship Klik'chak exclusively, though they pay reverence to their divine parents, FionaIngite Fiona Ingite and the EmissaryOfSand Emissary of Sand as well as to Enigma. They seldom engage in any organized form of religion, preferring a form of desert druidism combined with a basic reverence of Klik'chak.

Language: Duneborn speak common as well as any regional languages of the desert they have chosen to inhabit. They also speak Ignan, keeping their heritage alive.

Adventurers: Duneborn are somewhat restless, and often travel the deserts in search of what adventure they can find. Many are also drawn to the cause of the Emissary to eradicate the undead from the world, leaving their ancestral sands to take the fight to the enemy.

Duneborn Racial Traits
Duneborn possess the following traits:

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