Fractured Delirium

The Fractured Delirum is a powerful, yet rare, disease that pervades almost every mineral, gem, and metal vein in the world of Playground. It manifiests when a prospector does not pay heed to the land, thanking it for its blessing and its gifts.

Those who have contracted the Fractured Delirium first manifiest the symptoms as a high fever, losing 2 con over the course of a week of contraction. Then, the disease takes its hold.
Creatures that are not quickly cured of the Delirium suffer hallucinations, dyhdration losing 1d6 points of damage a day unless kept warm and moist. Even while under these conditions, the disease slowly begins to turn the insides of the infected into mineral’s, slowly killing the target. If left untreated, a target dies within 4 weeks of contraction.

A week after the death of a target, the creature raises as a Construct, with statistics identical to the deceased. While it lacks a con score, the target uses the con score of the dead creature for all rolls requiring benifical constitution scores. These creatures are called the Fractured, and all natural attacks have a high risk of spreading the disease(DC 25). Six weeks after the raising of a Fractured, they borrow deep into the ground, forming new mineral or metal deposts.
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