Title(s):The Gentle Snow, The Frozen
Home Plane:The Void
Power Level:Lesser Deity (DR 14, Evo 3)
Class:Warblade 10 / Archivist 6 / Dread Necromancer 8 / Pale Master 8 / True Necromancer 12
Alignment:Neutral Evil
Portfolio:Sky, Chill Winds, Necromantic Arts, Blizzards
Domains:Cold, Air, Evil, Necromancer, Necromancy, Windstorm
Begotten By:Unknown
Played by Rizban

Geltagar was once a weak seasonal deity of a long forgotten pantheon of a now conquered world. Through guile and luck, he managed to survive the cataclysm, joining the conquerors of his world. Now, he has come to Playground to fight for them, though circumstances have changed. Now, Geltagar fights only for himself, seeking both to conquer Playground for himself and to destroy those whom he had served. He is a master of guile and manipulation, his words dripping pure honey. He would rather not fight, but if it comes to it, he relies heavily on his allies and his magical deck of cards to win the day. Though he is defeated in combat more often than not, he always manages to survive and turn the situation around, often gaining valuable resources or new allies from the ordeal.

Holy Symbol: A deck of cards
Favored Weapon: Longsword
Worshipers: Those living in arctic and taiga regions, necromancers, corrupt politicians, some followers of Eul, those who seek a quick death
Avatar: N/A
Artifacts: DeckOfManyThings Divine Deck of Many Things
Creations: Frozen undead, the Icefloe

Combat: Warrior 10, Caster 26, Divnity 16

History: Geltagar was once naught but a minor seasonal deity of the winter months in a reality now known only as Mistworld. Many thousands of years ago, Mistworld was conquered by Varr, and the majority of the gods were destroyed. Only through quick wit and silver tongue was Geltagar spared the fate of his fellow deities. Striking a deal with Varr's forces at the last moment, Geltagar turned and dealt the final death blow to the very god whom he had once called father. From that moment forth, his very soul was tainted by darkness, a darkness which only grew as he did Varr's bidding. Over time, Geltagar gained the complete trust of one of his new allies, namely Longlimb, whom he even considered to be almost a friend, if any among Varr's forces could call one another such. This was certainly something which Varr loathed, keeping a watchful eye on the two at all times, though they were both truly loyal to him. Many worlds were dominated through his false diplomacy and the weak wills of foreign gods. Had he never encountered Playground and its gods, perhaps this would have continued unto eternity, but this simply was not to be.

Varr, having been summarily defeated by Lossethir through a bit of extreme stupidity and poor luck on his first attempt to conquer Playground, summoned Geltagar away from his previously assigned duties. Sent forth into Playground, Geltagar began his usual task of secretly gaining allies and sowing distrust, hatred, and occasionally even open combat amongst the gods of Playground. All went well, as it always had, though this time would be different. His first target was Lossethir, who he hoped would share some common sentiments and could be persuaded to stay out of the way or goaded into attacking blindly, thus getting himself killed. Unfortunately, he found Lossethir to be quite unreasonable and was attacked forthright. Due to an extremely lucky draw from his divine DeckOfManyThings deck, he managed to survive the encounter with only a few grievous wounds.

As Geltagar healed, he began to sweet talk the other gods, gaining actual allies among them, allies who would probably fight on the side of Varr when the final war came, though they themselves were ignorant of their own beguilement. True, they were among the weakest godlings of Playground, but they would make excellent fodder, perhaps even managing to weaken the other gods in the process. Among these allies could be counted Akraelak, Asherah, CerwchYnDdidasog Cerwch yn Ddidasog, Dirije, and Raliak. To his own disbelief, Geltagar managed to gain the favor, if not the trust of, Eul. Geltagar revered Eul's powers over undeath and honestly sought him out as a tutor in the manipulation of negative energy as well as the advancement of his own prowess.

Through the tutelage of Eul, Geltagar began to increase in might, far faster than any other god had done before. It seemed that Playground agreed with Geltagar more than any other, and his power levels began to soar to unexpected heights. Though he was true to Varr alone, Varr grew jealous and suspicious of Geltagar. When Geltagar's motives were challenged by some of the powerful Playgrounders, he set up a mock fight in which he apparently slew his friend Longlimb. Being blinded by his own paranoia, Varr fell for a ruse which was never intended for him to even witness. Believing this fight was real and Longlimb slain, Varr hurled himself in a fury at Geltagar. Caught unawares, Geltagar was quickly beaten down; however, his new Playground allies quickly rushed to his aid, lending him their own power. Due in part to his rapid growth in power and the degraded state of Varr's mind, Geltagar stood triumphant over his former master. Banishing Varr from the HallsOfTreasure Halls of Treasure, the plane which he now claimed as his own, he turned his back on Varr, just as he had turned his back on his family so many millennia ago.

Now, Geltagar continues his plots to gather allies and turn those who won't join him against one another. He realizes that it was only be his efforts that many of the other worlds fell, and he intends to make Playground his own. While he continues to work subtly, he has also begun to create mortal followers, who wage war in his name. Though he is fairly innocuous for the moment, Geltagar is perhaps one of the greatest threats to the divine order of Playground.

Divine Relationships: Akraelak, Cerwch yn Ddidasog, Dirije, and Raliak are counted as close allies, and they themselves see Geltagar as a protector and provider, perhaps even a father figure. He is significantly more powerful than they are, but he has always shown them favor and a willingness to help them achieve their own goals, for a price. Despite his demands on them, he has always been supportive and open towards them, something which the elder gods of Playground never were. Geltagar watches out for them when he can, as it serves his purposes best to strengthen them, raising these brash, young godlings into a powerful force completely loyal to him.

Asherah is considered an ally, though only because he has played to her avarice and arrogance. She knows he is using her, but he also knows she is using him. He holds no illusions that she would betray him the moment it is most opportune to do so, but she knows he would do the same for her. They have a tenuous alliance at best, though neither would ever trust the other. Through Asherah, Geltagar has also gained a tenuous alliance with the Destroyer and the Dread Six, those they only tolerate him for the sake of their beneficial arrangements with Asherah. Elimanishon does not care much for his own allies, and as such he has not be persuaded into even that much of an alliance with Geltagar; however, he has not opposes Geltagar either, a fact of which Geltagar is grateful. Geltagar dislikes Elimanishon, seeing the insane sun god as too unstable to manipulate and too dangerous to let run loose.

Geltagar slew his own father long ago in what he feels is almost another lifetime. In Eul, Geltagar feels he has found a new father. He holds Eul in great respect and reverence, and Geltagar would willingly do almost anything to garner more favor with him. He would deny that he loves Eul, though he does have a kind of love for him. He is only fearful that when it comes to finally conquering the world for himself, he will have to oppose and destroy Eul. For his own part, Eul sees Geltagar as a useful tool to spread his own dominion on Playground and amongst the other gods. While Eul has use for Geltagar, it would perhaps be untrue to say that he harbors any emotions towards him.

Geltagar openly opposes the Harmonic Lineage, as the lands he has sought to claim for his own mortals are currently populated by this pantheon's leader, Xiua'Hi. Evadize also opposes him, for Geltagar twists and perverts the natural order of the land to suit his own tastes. Calypso and Lyrius also despise Geltagar, but they are too busy with their own agendas to oppose Geltagar for the time being. Sombrius dislikes him for the sake of her allies but generally does not care.

Xam's Blood Pact has had no encounters with Geltagar or his followers to date, finding distaste for him only through the common interests shared with the Harmonic Lineage. Geltagar particularly hates Gliss for his affinity with the sky, which Geltagar believes to be his rightful domain.

Of the Amensian Pantheon Geltagar is fearful, and rightfully so. Lossethir has already attacked him and sworn to bring an end to his very life. Of the others, he has steered clear. He knows they hate and oppose all foreign gods, and, for the moment, he and his allies would stand no chances against them. Unlike the other pantheons, the Amensians are united not only through ideology and convenience but through bonds of friendship. They would provide a united front against him which he can not hope to overcome at the current time. Geltagar does his absolute best to avoid them and their followers at all costs, urging his allies to do the same.

The various unaligned deities are seen as the pawns by which Geltagar may achieve his ends. To him, they are but pawns to convert or sacrifice to attain his ultimate goal. Of note are Oni and Yam, whom he hopes to seduce to become his own followers, failing that, he intends to find ways to entice them into attacking their fellow gods at opportune times. Enigma is seen as unstable and a potential threat to his plans due to his unpredictability and uneven temperament. Khakom he hates as he does Gliss, feeling that the storm god imposes upon his rightful domain.

Dogma: Worshipers of Geltagar are usually evil and self serving; many are also practitioners of the necromantic arts. They are above nothing, willing to stoop to any depths to achieve their goal, though Geltagar expects them to do so in an intelligent manner. Any of his followers he are caught through their own ineptitude or stupidity quickly find themselves out of favor with their god, often in need of atonement. Rely on your wits rather than your prowess, sending others to their deaths before endangering yourself. Do not waste the lives of your followers, perserve them as you would yourself, unless you gain more by their deaths than you would their lives. You gain nothing by dying, unless you can cheat death. Never waste an opportunity to increase your own power, whether personal or political. Your place in the world is what you make it, and things beyond your power to change are merely goals for you to reach. Strive to bring yourself power and by doing so to bring power to your god. Those who put themselves above Geltagar will quickly find themselves laid lower than they thought possible.

Clergy and Temples: Clerics of Geltagar are called Frostreavers and pray for spells at dusk. His temples are few and far between, as he prefers to keep a low profile, but those that do exist are usually carved of ice where weather permits or of white marble where it does not. They tend to be small above ground but, like icebergs, have a considerable mass below the surface. The lower sections are collectively referred to as catacombs, and within them, his followers practice and research all forms of necromancy and other dark arts. Each temple has a garrison of undead warriors in the catacombs with which to defend from attack, though they seldom, if ever, see combat. His followers would rather deal with problems without needing to resort to play their trump card.

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