Gwyn chan 'r Gwyll ap Xiau'hi

Gwyn chan'r Gwyll

Title(s):Dark Son, The Blessed Dark, The Dark Light
Home Plane:The Shadow of the Playground
Power Level:Demi-God(DR 6, Evo 1, Lvl+ 0)
Class:Swordsage 12/Cleric 16
Alignment:Neutral Good
Portfolio:True Darkness
Domains:Darkness, Good
Begotten By:Xiau'Hi
Begot:Vasht Nara, Cerwch yn Ddidasog, Marietta the Half=Blind
Played by Gwyn ap Nud

Gwyn chan 'r Gwyll, translates to Light of the Dark. (brief description of form).

Holy Symbol: The Gwynskull, a black stylized skull on a white field. It is often used as flags, or as a patch on a piece of clothing, though it is often also used on a traditional pendant, in which case it takes the form of a silver disk with a black marble inlay. Some still use the mark of a blue swirl.
Favored Weapon: Piercing Dark (Greatspear)
Worshipers: Lycanthropes, Changelings, Doppelgangers, other shapechangers and nocturnal creatures.
Avatar: Okalee and Cacophony
Artifacts: Armour of Aethariann
Creations: Holme/Trueholme, Changelings, Doppelgangers, Light and Grey Dragons, The Darkness of Pogwydion
Important Followers: Marietta

Combat: Warrior 10, Divine 16
Varr had just invaded. All of the resident Gods of the Playground responded in their own way, many of them rallying their armies.
Xiau'hi created Gwyn.
Sculpted out of the material of Xiau'hi's homeplane, the Shadow of the Playground, Gwyn was weak, but he knew that he could be strong, and he knew how.

Fear nothing.
Nothing is ever what you first think it is.
Do not let anything cloud your judgement.
Similarly, let no one but yourself govern your own actions.
Take responsibility for your actions.

Traditionally, there are 4 times that a place of worship to the Dark Light must be manned, and those are:
When Light turns to Dark, a little after sunset.
When it is Darkest, around 2 o'clock AM.
When Dark turns to Light, at sunrise.
When it is Lightest, a little after Midday.
The first time of prayer is welcoming the dark as a respite from the light. At this time, 3 chants are chanted, the first one lamenting the passing of light, the second the General Prayer, which is thanking Gwyn chan 'r Gwyll for all of his work, the third a welcome to the dark of the night, after which all the candles, which are arrayed in a great circle around the area of prayer, are extinguished.
The second time of prayer is reveling in the dark. At this time, 2 chants are chanted, the first being the General Prayer, the second a statement of joy, during which there is freakish dancing.
The third time of prayer is welcoming the light as a respite from the dark. At this time, 3 chants are changed, the first one lamenting the passing of dark, the second the General Prayer, the third welcoming the light of the day, after which all the candles are lit once again.
The fourth, and last, time of prayer is a lament for the heat, consisting of 2 chants, the first being the General Prayer, the second emploring for the cool of the night, at the time of the most burning heat of the day.

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