Half-Elves are the offspring of the Elves and the Spiritfolk of the Sacred Glade. The Half-Elves are split into three main groups on opposite sides of the world, the Tara'ia, the Va'Tari, and the Na'Tar.

Personality: Half Elves are arrogant and prideful, believing themselves to have gained the best traits of their two "inferior" parent races. They are highly combative and have been known to wage war against even the slightest perceived insult, such as a dinner guest blinking at the wrong time during the meal. They are irrational and sometimes delusional, but they are tenacious and unrelenting in their convictions.

Physical Description: Half Elves looks vary on which linage runs through them stronger. Most have gray flesh with hints of blues or dark grays at their jaw lines and around the eyes. Eye and hair color range from dark shades of gold to a silver sheen of indigo. They typically looks far more like elves than they do like the spiritfolk.

Relations: The Tara'ia are generally hated by those they have come across but are generally seen as not worth the effort to eradicate. The Va'Tari are hated across the world, though their thorough defeat in their last war has led to massive internal conflict which prevents them from waging war against others for the time being. Some of their neighbors are attempting to keep the civil wars going in the hopes that they will destroy themselves completely. The Na'Tar are the only Half-Elves who are willing to cooperate with any not of their own race, but do so only begrudgingly. The majority of them fought in the last war or were raised by those who did, and despite their dedication to a better life, they are prideful and desire to build their nation without help. Half-Elves off all groups just don't like anyone. This feeling is mutual.

Alignment: Half-Elves are always Chaotic and extremely unpredictable or Lawful beyond the point of having an iron fist, too extreme in nature to be neutral. They are usually neutral on the Good/Evil axis, though their arrogance tends to draw them towards Evil.

Half-Elf Lands: The Tara'ia Half-Elves live in the northern reaches of the Southern Mountains of Ramua and have no centralized governing bodies. They live in small tribal groups which constantly war with one another over the scraps and ruins of the kingdom the Great General Isul built. They often send raiding parties into the surrounding lands to capture resources and slaves.
The Va'Tari Half-Elves live in a crumbling empire built in the Evad Islands off the coast of Xiua. Their tyrannical leader has recently been slain in a war they began to conquer their peaceful neighbors, and with no clear successor, the survivors of the war have turned on one another, the Empire racing down the path which Isul's kingdom followed generations ago.
The last group, the Na'Tar, are the veterans of the last war and the orphaned children which have been saved from the self destruction of the Va'Tari Empire by the very nation they once sought to conquer. Though the path is difficult, the Na'Tari are committed to trying to build a nation of peace, vastly different from those their race has built before.

Religion: The Tara'ia worship no gods, believing themselves to be better than even the gods. Their arrogance literally knows no bounds.
Until recently, the Va'Tari worshiped their God Queen Dalam, who lived with them, ruling their empire. She was slain in a war kindled by her lust for power, throwing the empire into chaos. Some still worship her, but her clerics have lost their power. Other divine casters turn to demonic sources to maintain their personal power.
The Na'Tar are grateful to Amalthea for being rescued by her followers, but having been disillusioned by the evil goddess who lived among them for so many generations, they refuse to subject themselves to any god for the time being.
Ur-priests are heavily present among the Tara'ia and the Va'Tari, though they are noticeably absent among the Na'Tar.

Language: Half-Elves speak a language derived from a mixture of Elven and Sylvan, which in their own tongue is called Tari. They also speak Common, but mostly because threats and insults don't mean much if their enemy doesn't understand them.

Names: Half-Elves go without names until they reach maturity, at which point they choose their own names. A Half-Elf's name is usually a prideful epithet associated with some great deed they believe themselves to have done or to be capable of doing. Roughly translated, their names could be along the lines of "The Greatest Dragon Slayer of All Time" or even simply "I Am Great!"

Adventurers: Half-Elves usually adventure to prove themselves to actually be capable of the things they have been boasting about. Usually, they only do so begrudgingly when forced to either prove their words or be labeled a coward and a liar, the worst possible event to any Half-Elf. Half-Elves generally want to adventure with others not of their own race, so that there are no witnesses to return and set things right nor anyone with which they have to share the glory should they return home alive. Many Half-Elf "adventurers" buy some gear, leave home, tear it up a bit themselves, then settle down in another town to tell tales of their glorious deeds while trying to avoid anyone that might actually know them.

Half-Elf Racial Traits

Half-Elves have the following racial traits.

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