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Once, long ago, the halfling races was created, perhaps even before the ancient elves. So sneaky were they, that they achieved the single greatest feat of all time, an ultimate test of stealth. For thousands upon thousands of years, they avoided the notice of everyone, including the very gods. The sneakiest halfling of all time was named Elibor. So proficient was he at remaining inconspicuous that he managed to sneak into the realm of the gods and achieve godhood without even once been sensed. After fulfilling the role of god for the halfling race for over one thousand years, he made a direct attack against one of the evil invading gods, striking him down. Shocked beyond words, the surrounding gods could but gawk at this halfling. True, they knew of the race, at least in theory, but it suddenly occurred to them that no halfling had been seen in several millennia. Such a feat was a mockery of the gods, a feat hated by most but greatly admired by others.

Personality: Halflings are cheeky little bastards. They're playful and witty, but they'll disappear faster than you can blink. They are prideful, and rightfully so, for they hid from even the "omniscient" gods for thousands of years, but they aren't rude, merely smug. They love to cause trouble, especially since they're never even noticed when they calmly walk away to watch the chaos from a safe distance. Halflings are nomadic, a trait they adopted to maintain an aura anonymity. Halflings tend to care little for wealth, seeing life as one large game, with material goods being merely pieces used to gain an edge.

Physical Description: No one has ever actually seen a halfling, at least not that they can prove. Though, if they had seen one, he would probably be around 3 feet tall and 30 to 35 pounds. His skin may or may not be a ruddy brown, and he may or may not have black hair. Halfling men probably go clean shaven or might have beards, but this is unconfirmed. Halfling women, if they exist, might be perceived as beautiful and lean or plump and jolly, or perhaps not. They are purported to prefer simple, comfortable, and practical clothes, or perhaps lavish, gaudy affairs with feathers as long as they are tall and elegant robes. Though this is all probably just the fanciful imaginings of a simple scribe.

Relations: Halflings have no official relationships with any of the other races. Quite frankly, most members of other races are more prone to believe in the existence of those fantastic lizard people in the jungles than the idea of a "half-pint elf" running around in their own cities completely invisible unless they want to be seen. Halflings prefer to play tricks on the 'big folk' rather than to associate with them, wandering through unnoticed and taking what they need. Almost invariably, it's some other poor sucker who gets blamed for the theft.

Alignment: Halflings tend towards neutrality, caring little for laws, often breaking them just for a good chuckle, but being bound tightly to their family and clan.

Halfling Lands: Halflings have no lands of their own, preferring to wander and take life as it comes.

Religion: Most halflings care little for the gods, seeing them as simply the biggest dupes of all; however, Elibor, their racial deity, holds great respect among them, for he was once the sneakiest of all halflings, becoming even more sneaky with godhood. Halflings revere and honor him, giving him offerings and gifts at all times. A halfling never knows when his god has literally just sneaked up behind him to ensure he's being worshiped properly and getting his fair cut.

Language: Halflings speak their own language, probably, one which no other race has managed to learn, based mostly on the fact that they are reluctant to believe Halflings even exist, though perhaps they only want us to think that gibberish is a real language. The script of the halfling's native tongue can best be described as random doodles which appear to have some sort of standard form... but not really. It's believed to be intelligible to someone who understands it, but, to me, it just looks like the scribbling of a child. They are supposedly also quite capable of learning all other languages, including supposedly secret ones. When they can go anywhere, it's hard for others to keep their secrets... well, secret.

Halfling Names: Wait... do halflings have names? Does anyone know what their names are? If they really do exist, they probably change names with every encounter, just to throw us off. Dirty, stinking halflings...

Adventurers: Ok, look, we don't really know anything about them, alright? I have no freaking clue why they do anything, let alone go on adventures. I'll make a deal with you. If you can find a real halfling, which is highly doubtful, and get some straight answers, which is even less likely, come back and tell me. I'll pay you for the information... or I would if all my gold hadn't mysteriously been replaced by a note that cryptically reads "I bathe more than you, stink elf."

Halfling Racial Traits

Halfling possess the following traits... we think.

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