Humans are invaders from another world, though on exactly which world they originated is unknown. A vast army of humans was brought forth into Playground when the invader gods began their assault from Wasteland. After Varr Varr's defeat, the majority of the humans returned with him; however, some remained. Some gods of Playground harbor and protect humans, but others are known to have their own followers hunt them down at all times. Unlike many other worlds, humans are rare and distrusted.

Personality: Humans are highly adaptable and ambitious, though they tend towards warlike behaviors. As the other races generally distrust of outright hate them, humans have become adept at disguising themselves. Humans do not have their own culture and adopt the heritage of the region in which they settle.

Physical Description: Humans stand at close to 6 feet tall, weighing in between 125 to 250 pounds. Most humans living in Ramua tend to have fairly dark skin, which allows them to better pass themselves off as Elves. Paler skinned humans have found that Xiua is a safer place for them, as they can better blend in with the paler skinned elves that live there. All humans keep themselves clean shaven, at least when they are trying to not be recognized as human. Most humans reach adulthood at around 15 and seldom live longer than 60 or 70 years.

Relations: Humans have very strained relationships with all other races. Most races tend to carry the hatred of their patron deities towards Varr over to the humans which Varr introduced to Playground. As such, humans tend to either be recluses or to try to pass themselves off as another race, usually elves. Though there are some areas where humans are better tolerated than others, being a human is not an easy thing on Playground.

Alignment: Humans tend toward no particular alignment, not even neutrality. The best and the worst are found among them.

Human Lands: Humans have no lands of their own, living out their lives in a world that is not even their own.

Religion: Humans often worship Varr and the other Invaders, hoping that one day they will return, conquer Playground, and raise humans up to their "rightful" place as masters over the other races. Others worship the few gods of Playground who have shown them mercy and tolerance. Though few, there are some humans who ascribe to the philosophy of the Va'Tari that no gods are worthy of worship.

Language: Humans speak Common, having all but forgotten the languages of their original home. They are also quite capable of picking up any language in which they come into contact.

Names: Humans use whatever names are common to the region in which they live.

Adventurers: Many humans become adventurers simply because there is no other option available to them.

Human Racial Traits
Humans possess the following traits:

Variant Human

Following is a variant to the standard Human entry.


A strange new portal has ripped open recently in the Crimson Steppes of Ramua, and heavily armed humans have been riding through. While most have remained with their kind, quite a few who had been press ganged into leaving their home world escaped as quickly as possible. These humans refer to their world as Wasteland, but they are unwilling to speak more about it. Just who they are and why they're invading is uncertain, but certainly they are ready for war, and skirmishes are already beginning as the surrounding races gather forces to repel them.

Personality: Wasteland Humans who have broken away from the invading army are almost exactly like normal humans, except that they are more aloof and secretive. They seek to stop their own brethren from their home world, but they are very silent as to why their brothers invade. They have a deep love of the forests but hate the deserts, because they are reminiscent of Wasteland, which they are happy to escape. Overall, they seem to be a race of mostly nomadic warriors from a desert environment.

Physical Description: Humans stand at close to 6 feet tall, weighing in between 125 to 250 pounds. Wasteland humans have ruddy bronze or copper colored skin with thick, almost wool like, black hair. They appear almost metallic from a distance, though they are quite obviously not when closely observed.

Relations: Wasteland humans have had virtually no contact with the other races of Playground. For now, the mass of them keep to themselves, attempting to not draw attention just yet. Those who leave the group are met with nervousness or extreme hostility. Wasteland humans mostly keep to themselves.

Alignment: Wasteland humans actively seeking to stop the others tend towards good. The rest do not tend towards any alignment.

Human Lands: Having only been arriving within the past few months, all Wasteland humans currently live on Ramua with the vast majority gathered in the Crimson Steppes.

Religion: Wasteland humans seem to know of Varr and recognize the major gods of Playground, as if they knew of both before arriving. Those who seek to stop their brothers may worship any Playground god.

Language: Humans speak the Common of Playground, seemingly learning it prior to entering Playground, and Wastelander, the language of their original home. They are also quite capable of picking up any language in which they come into contact.

Names: Wasteland humans use whatever names are common to the region in which they go in an attempt to associate better with the locals.

Adventurers: Wasteland humans become adventurers only to stop their brothers' invasion.

Wasteland Human Racial Traits
Wasteland humans possess the following traits:

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