The Razor Wind
The Razor Wind, once cleansed by the grand Earth Lord Xiua’hi, renamed it the Ruby Wall, imbuing it with unique powers far more terryfiying then the Razor Wind before it.

To all onlookers the Ruby Wall is a fractured honey combed wall of pure ruby lined with silver that hovers above the grand turtle The Rig. It slowly rotates, forming a perfectly sealed wall then breaking apart in its rotation making strange lilting noises as it does so. The truth is slightly different. It is in fact a single demi-plane contained within the space of the wall, roughly the size of a lavish imperial complex. This demi-plane appears as a large mountain covered in perpetual rain and a bamboo forest, with a single large castle built at the apex of the mountain. Here is the base of Tebryn’s rule, the castle of Bastion.

Bastion: Bastion appears as a traditional Ex-Patriot Castle, crammed full of books, kitchens, and a large central hall for guests. While inside the Castle, Tebryn can control The Rig as he wish’s as well as the powers of the Ruby Wall. Bastion holds a full compliment of guards, and the constant rain amplifies water bender powers.

The Ruby Wall itself takes the original creation of the Razor Wind and amplifies and changes its power in a variety of ways.

Regeneration: Like the Razor Wind, The Ruby Wall has powers of regeneration, though they are superior in every way. Should the Walls be pierced, the Wall stores the energy of the impact within itself, as well as the heat and energy required to repair itself. These energy is used to power several of the more powerful weapons of the Ruby Wall. It is almost impossible to break a single section of The Ruby Wall for long, as its regeneration takes mere seconds to complete, and even its half healed form can take blows far better then any substance in creation. Should one piece shatter, another piece spawns a fully operational section in under a single minute.

Sonic Dissonance: The most mighty of the combative powers of the Ruby Wall is a testemant to the power of its owner. The Ruby Wall can unleash a hellish storm of screaming energy that bursts mortals like bubbles, and shatters even the strongest defenses to dust and powder with a single utterance. To all listeners that retain the ability to hear after a blast is sounded, it sounds like nothing short of heaven, their ears, eyes and nose bleed profusely and even though they have lived through the power of true sound, they are shaken and left awe struck, unable to act

The Bountiful: The Bountiful is a single weekly power of the Ruby Wall, it is a 1 AP action that dublicates the effects of a nourish land, which keeps the city and land of The Rig fertile and perfect.

Hooks of Doubt: The Hooks of Doubt are long limb like objects that can manifest from the surface of the Ruby Wall, capable of crushing war machines and mortals alike.

Symphony of the Uncultured: The Symphony of the Uncultured is the main defense system of the Ruby Wall activating at the start of any hostile action. It acts as a chaff shield against incoming missle attacks, blasting larger weapons apart and retaining the remains. Smaller pieces of weapon’s fire such as bullets or arrows simply fail to hit the wall or The Rig, and mix with the

Storm for the Mass’s: Storm for the Mass’s is the second part of the main defense system for the Ruby Wall. It sends any items retained by the Symphony of the Uncultured, hurtling them at higher speeds then any single functioning war machine in Playground at foes.

Ignition: Ignition is the final offensive ability of the Ruby Wall, manifesting as large gouts of flame at close range, or powerful blasts of sound and fire for long ranged opponents. These blasts are capable of incinerating most ships in a matter of seconds.
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