Isle of Ash

The Isle of Ash is the largest island within the AshenSea Ashen Sea. It is here that the goddess Asherah had the city of Akkade built and now makes her home.


Palatial Gardens
Palatial Gardens

The city of Akkade is populated by powerful genie, though primarily efreet and dao, and is considered by many genie to be their home and their capital. Genies may be found elsewhere on Playground, but even far-flung settlements owe fealty and allegiance to Asherah, the Desert Queen, who rules Akkade from her jeweled palace. Asherah is said to be a sorceress of singular power and beauty.

The city itself dominates the only mountainside on the island. Stairs of polished marble lead up to the well-armed gates of the city, and the only source of fresh water on the Isle of Ash streams forth from a cave high on the mountain, splashes through the center of the city, then plummets down the mountain in roaring falls to be lost forever in the Ashen Sea. The city walls may be reached by flying creatures, but the efreet guards take a dim view of interlopers who refuse to present themselves at one of the city's gates.

Akkade is the only city location on the island and is also the only feasible place to be visited by travelers. Though a few mining camps exist across the island for the purpose of increasing Asherah's wealth, these locations are heavily guarded, and intruders are repelled at all costs. The slave masters running the more valuable deposits are under orders to collapse the mines rather than allow the riches to fall into the hands of another.

At the center of the city are its tallest towers and greatest fountains. Here is the Bejeweled Palace of Asherah Queen of the Desert. It is said that within the great palace are wonders beyond belief and treasure beyond counting. But here also is found only death for any uninvited guest who seeks to wrest even a single coin or bauble from the treasure rooms of the queen. To any who are invited within the palace, they find themselves in a magnificent garden of lush plants supported by an almost divinely intricate aqueduct system. This grand garden is designed to show the wealth and power of Asherah without showing the actual wealth in a lootable form.
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