The Judges
Created by Xiua’hi, the Judges act as his word in the mortal world. Each is a separate entity, acting in a certain region. It is uncommon for judges to meet in person, happening only in extreme times of lawlessness and turmoil.

Creating a Judge
Judge is a template that can be added to any neutral humanoid, monstrous humanoid, elemental, Outsider or plat. The creature’s type changes to Outsider(native). It uses a characters statistics and special abilities except noted here.

Hit Dice: All Characters Hit Dice(current and future) become d10’s

Speed: Same as base character

AC: A Judge gains an AC bonus equal to their charisma modifier.
Special Attacks: A Judge retains all the characters special attacks and gains those described below

Pass Where Unwated: All Judges mainifest a zone of order and balance at all times. This zone allows them to ignore, and pass through, all magic circle effects and magic walls, save for Walls of Force. All doors or other locked items touched by a Judge are opened as the Knock spell, and a Judge may at will cast Arcane Lock on any similar item.

Spells: All judges gain the following spells as spell like abilities. A Judge retains all spell casting abilities. All following spells function in an anti-magic zone

At Will: Sending, Dispel(Aligment), Discern Lies, Discern Location
Once Per Day: Dictum, Word of Chaos

Special Qualities: A Judge retains all special qualities and gains the following

Summon Qi(Ex): A Judge may summon 2d4 Juren or a single Keima once a week. A Judge counts as a Roi or a Vizer for all Qi traits

Outsider Traits: A Judge becomes an outsider native to the plane they were made a Judge. While on that plane a Judge has all traits of a native outsider.

Anchored to Their Court(Ex): A Judge is linked to their plane of origin much like a regular outsider is linked to their planer home. While away from their plane of origin, a Judge suffers a -4 to all rolls.

Saves: Same as base character

Alignment: Same as base character

Advancement: A Judge many gain levels as he has before with an ECL of +3
Challenge Rating: Same as base character +3
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